Religion, spirituality and Unified Physics

Ive come to this course from a rather interesting perspective that I’m very interested in understanding the One Body that St Paul talks about in the bible. In 2017 after rejecting Christianity in my teens, I had an amazing epiphany experience with Jesus in a church - I felt thrown into a completely different space-time dimension where my entire DNA was upgraded with pure love and grace. Almost all my mind’s duality departed and the experience greatly enhanced my sense of humour. Returning to church, which I had not been since I child, I had a visceral and wonderful experience of taking Holy Communion and being in the One Body. Since then this connection to the One Body has greatly enhanced my life. I realise though that I am actually coming up against great resistance with the Clergy to the idea that the One Body in the bible includes all human beings and the whole of creation. A lot of Christian ideology is built on the One Body being only for Christians and of course there are many divisions within that and respect for nature has been low. Listening to Nassim really has given me the courage to persevere with bringing this idea into Christianity and not get too caught up in that resistance and my own rejection issues. So I want to end by saying intriguingly a week after this epiphany which took place on a pilgrimage across Southern England on the St Mary and St Michael telluric lines’, a crop circle appeared in our path. Since then intuitively I have used the image of the crop circle which is in the shape of an Isotropic Vector Matrix to charge my water - I was very interested to hear that the Ark of the Covenant is said to have created water with healing properties in France in the Ancient Origins section. It would be wonderful to hear of others bringing spirituality and science together.Cley Hill Isotropic Vector Matrix Crop Circle


Hi Alison,

Enjoyed reading this :hugs:
I’d love to see a crop circle but in Australia they are rare. Maybe the aliens think to many snakes and spiders here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Have you heard of Rupert Sheldrake? I think you might find him interesting as he’s a Christian that has been thru Atheism and back to Faith. He was friends with Terence McKenna and lived in India, learning the ways of other faiths.
He’s also a Scientist. I think he blends those worlds with great humility.

All religions, most organisations and some people have extremist views. They try to dictate to others their Truth. I find the most convincing Truth, in the ones that live by words of beauty in action rather than dogma of thought. Remember all bibles are the interpretation of humans. I hope this helps you enjoy your religion from your heart and not another’s mind.


Dear Sarah thank you for replying. I have seen Rupert Sheldrake on You Tube but I didn’t know his story and thats very interesting. The reason you get the crop circles in particular areas I have been told is to do with chalk in the geology of the land. This was the second one I had seen and it was awesome because there was just no way a human with a tractor could create such symmetry. Listening to Nassim its clear that science are religion are very similar in protecting what is and not open to certain ideas. When eventually science and religion merge its going to change the world forever! Warmest wishes to you in the Red Lands which I am sure would make beautiful crop circles

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That’s a lovely story, thanks for sharing it Alison. My in-laws are devout CofE yet I remain optimistic for a time when they might not be threatened by the insights of unified physics. They are lovely people either way and I’ve no wish to upset their specific faith. They have three daughters who all embody a very grounded and holistic worldview, without religion, for which they are at least partly responsible of course. Always interesting how things play out. Warmest wishes from a very sunny North Devon. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello Alison loved your post and this is the most wonderful place to merge science and spirituality and I am a big fan of the grace of epiphanies. I found new thought like Unity and Center for Spiritual Living are free from the false dogma of separation while practicing “the Christ Consciousness”
Two topics here that reflet that are “Science of Mind” and"lovevolution is the solution" we welcome your visits there. OMLOVE &BLESSINGS

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