Resonance religion maybe

Would love to see a resonance religion for unified religion get going. Just learning about Mithras and wondering why it is divided from Christianity. They both have roots in Zoroastrianism and I may be even able to say the Abrahamic, which is a whole novel of reason unto itself why we need unified religion things like the Bahai for example but a 2020 version

Why is it this or that in religion in general. Why can’t monotheism and polytheism both be correct? Dependant on the observe and the realm/or dimension religion/faith is being viewed from. I believe in monotheism the viewer is on the inside a ball and only sees one higher power however the polytheists are existing in the space in between the balls and therefore can see many.

It is protective and views can alter but do the truth for an individual change simply because their viewpoint has changed? It the ability to pass through in and out of spheres and be able to change from mono to poly and vice versa without allowing your knowledge and past experience intervene with the way things look from your viewpoint there and then wherever there and then may be.

I believe we can do this I believe I have done this and even tho my knowledge is contradictory I only belive its classed as contradictory through mans own misguidance through a conflict of interest as self-existence discovery has occurred over the ages.

This is my truth I invite you to express yours.

Hello Iak As an interfaith minister couldn’t agree more. When The Connected Universe movie came out I held an event in Palm Beach an interfaith celebration of unified science. Members of all major religions came and spoke including Bahai it’s still on youtube I think. What I learned was we do not need a unified religion we need a unified science in all religions. In fact, there are as many religions as there are people practicing paths to raise consciousness what I like to refer to as lovevolution. My solution is lovevolution. I simple word that acts as a common denominator simple enough that most everyone on what ever their path can relate to. You can go to lovevolution is the solution topic and listen to Felicia Rose’s beautiful song all road lead.
At the heart of most religions, especially eastern is a unified connected field of oneness, practice may be a different matter. In Practice, we must find the universal tools of forgiveness, acceptance, unconditional love to clear what blocks living our oneness in celebration of our unique personal religion that best serves our also unique path. It is no easy task but my goal has been to bring the science found here which I believe is a real solution of unification to people in religions. We are also in effect creating a religion of sorts right here in this forum where each individual brings the unified wisdom of their own being together here.


Iak lol my user name is usually iaak1983 but i missed an a when I registered :smile: its my name Iskander Abd-Al-Kerim i was born in 1983 I’ve always liked my name and stood by its meaning and tried to uphold it to the best of my ability “Defender of Mankind servant of the Most Generous” generosity towards others should inspire gratefulness. That is my way of living I am in a state of gratitude to whatever or whoever is responsible for my existence on a higher level. I believe that I live my life in such a way that makes me feel I am worthy of this life I have been given and there is only one individual’s opinion I truly care for, I am that individual. I live my life in such a way that ensures I may smile on my death bed when I look back upon it. and that is it for me nothing more. I get wicked ideas and float away imagining the world we live in and what forces are at work but ultimately my life will be a success story if I can smile as I die. Although i also have a weird feeling ill be pronounced dead and wake up as they trying to cut into me for my autopsy, that’s another story where not smiling whilst dying is acceptable :grinning: Hope you have a great 2021 fella.

The best word find of 2020 “Omnists”, woohoo can’t imagine doing better over the next 36 hrs. That said mind you Unified physics is my favourite term that I have discovered. This year has had many many positive aspects to it :slight_smile:

I cant help but concur with these words that resonate with me.

In the end its about unification and cooperation. Like our body made up of many parts and many cell, can only be effective and functional only if it works in unity and cooperates. No human life is possible without it. The earth is also a body of many parts and cells and all of it needs to also be unified and cooperate of it will self destruct as we self destruct. Therefore in my opinion the true religion is individuation with cooperation, love, compassion and anything else needed for us to thrive. Every individual person is like a cell of our body, many cells come together to make the liver, the heart etc. The organs need to serve the body other functions.

NEW RELIGION: All for one and one for all. Well its not new… really. The idea has been around for a while. Hopefully we can make it work asap before we self destruct.

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I agree that we are in path for a unified religion. More and more I see, interpret and relate all stories, dreams, religions as individual messages tying everything up.

Like humanity is dreaming of how it should be once it wakes up, as if it is writing songs and stories for the future, messages to the future from the ancient past.

If everything is resonance and vibration, we can simplify and consider everyone alive as a playing instrument on the orchestra, harmonious and dissonant notes to a common beat.

Maybe we are actually all living in a deterministic quantum information universe, where each brain constitutes another quantum universe, where the brain is solving a problem for an unborn God, which could be how to feel and reason out of deterministic events.

This would mean that everyone is actually the same super quantum God brain, everyone functioning as actors creating push and pull forces of ideas, so that the bad actors (shadows) reveal the good actors (heros) and humanity creates a value structure.

Maybe before a perfect humanity conscience awakes, it needs to know what it wants to be, the collective multi-celular God.

Truth is, technology is very advanced, feels like we will have a unified physics theory pretty soon, which will in turn exponentiate our scientific evolution. This might be a sign that we are reaching for the stars in the next decades, that a game changing step is at our feet.

If we feel that everyone has a message for us, we start looking for information in all corners, if there are push/pull forces around “flat-earth” theory, might be a hint to look into the holographic reality theory, where reality is 2D plus a depth dimension (which space and time is the same depth dimension).

Maybe some religious stories are told backwards, so that we make sense of what to do, when the time arrives.

Maybe we already have all the information necessary, we just need to start tying the pieces together, and start solving the humanity puzzle considering every piece as a fundamental piece.


The CREATOR created creators with creativity.
Creators have creativity.
Some people call the creator: God.
Creativity gave us the world we live in.
Its possible that we even created all of the gods and God but we did not create our Creator,…
Who or what created us? What is the SOURCE of creativity, intelligence and progress/evolution/change?

Saithgroup - YouTube

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