Resonant frequency of a virus/bacterium

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Is it possible to identify a virus’s resonant frequency? RNA?
Asking for science.


I hope it is possible.
Some time ago I took magnetic biorezonans therapy to give up smoking. They took my last half-smoked cigarette and locked in a probe. They read it’s frequency and reverted it back to my body using ELF current. 30 minutes later I was free of smoke addiction. Why can’t it work with virus ? He ?
Unless there is something else I do not know.


Every living thing has a resonance. There has been study done in sound using specific oscillating Hz frequency ranges to hyper excite, and collapse certain resonances, ie: cancer, virus ect.


Hey there.
I can’t give a definitive answer about resonance or frequencies, but I can refer you to this very interesting compilation of studies done by my friend, Megan. This article points to some of the paradoxical qualities of viruses. They hover in a limbo between life and non-life. They play a very important role in the Biosphere, especially in the transfer of DNA between organisms. Also, they seem to be on cycles that are timed to changes in solar activity, meaning that they need to be studied as a galactic astrobiological phenomenon, not in a reductionist way. See the article for yourself and let me know what you think. Defending Humanity from Pandemics


Hi @Arkangel thanks for your post and nice to meet you online.
I don’t have any formally structured scientific papers on resonant frequency of a virus or other pathogen, but I do have positive personal experience that this is probably the case from using scalar energy from one vendor who has also written up a little of their personal research journey.
It’s not possible to upload the PDFs here, but these are a brief outline.
1 - Nikola Tesla, Father of Scalar Energy
2 - Galen Hieronymus, Engineer of Scalar Devices
3 - Nikolai A. Kozyrev, Scalar Energy Astrophysicist
4 - Pathogens and the Pathogen Cleanse
5 - Scalar Energy and Photographs, How it works
It seems that the actual resonant frequency is not needed to be known in advance, as the method uses very high resolution photographs as a proxy for the frequency which to my experience appears to work well.
If you would be interested, I’d be happy to talk further. It’s an area of particular interest to me as I manage chronic conditions, including epstein-barr, and enjoy learning more about health in this exciting space :smiley:


Hi Marisa :slight_smile:I’ve read You are interested in the subject of healing using frequencies.
Here is my personal experience about it.
I gave up smoking in 30 minutes using magnetic biorezonans. Therapy involve computer and probes of the just half smoked cigarette . Briefly, the computer read the frequencies emitted by cigarette and reverse them back to your body therefore cancell them out in the cell memory.
There is no magic in that at all. It has a scientific background derived from work of Fritz Albert Popp and others like Jacques Benveniste. One scientist proved that a frequency representation of adrenaline sent oversea from Europe to USA in an email attachment and played to the heart of Guinea pig got exactly that same effect as the adrenaline substance were phisically applied.
Since than some engineers build those computers to help people cancel different frequencies embedded in human body , like those of bacterias or even addictions like smoking and drinking alcohol. Of course it doesn’t work without human will. If one want than will smoke or find excuse to do so either way. But it helps , and in my case it worked out perfectly.
Magnetic biorezonans is at its early stage as a therapy, but in the future, I like to think about it, could be applied over smartphone application some day ?


Ah thank you! Yes :smiley:

“We know today that man, essentially, is a being of light.”

Prof. Fritz-Albert Popp
Dr Fritz Albert-Popp

Also the magnetic bioresonance you mention sounds similar to the electral dermal machine used by my naturopath, to read frequencies in the body and custom program frequencies for homeopathic remedies. Its fascinating!


How does a scalar imaging system work? I’d love to know about the mechanics

Hi and thanks for your question. This is something I would also really like to learn more about. There are quite a few garage experimenters on YouTube who are able to make Tesla coils but the piece for me that seems to be less understood is exactly that piece that you are interested in - the mechanics of the scalar imaging system. My understanding only goes up to that and then stops. So if we accept that a living entity has a frequency that is distinct enough from other living entities to say that it is unique, then a person would have a unique frequency. If we accept that all things, not just living things, have a frequency, by virtue of them being made of vibrating atoms, then this would probably also be a frequency unique to that object. Then the first leap for me is that a photograph of a person or an object also has a unique frequency, and is apparently sufficiently similar to the frequency of the ‘original’ that it could be used like an ‘address’. So I understand that a photograph of for example a virus would have a frequency, and if a person had that virus, then these frequencies can be used to target the virus. That is the non-locality aspect of it. Another aspect of it is the creative force versus the destructive force, which could be thought of as spin one way versus spin the other way, one way is expansive and grows, the other way is contractive and shrinks or destroys. So once the ‘address’ is known, the setting can be chosen of either the creative torque or the destructive torque, and I understand in my case that there was 1 hour per day allocated to the disassembling of viral matter in the body, which the body would then need to remove (similar to a detox) and then about 22 hours per day was allocated to the collating together of various nutrients. So photographs would be required of all elements. Photographs of the viral matter that you wish to remove, photographs of any nutrient molecules you wish to collate, and a photograph of the person that this will be done for. There is a newsletter that you can sign up for which occasionally contains more information - - and there are also videos where the process is explained a little. Of course as it is proprietary, the information is limited. I’m not sure if there have been any patents submitted. This would be a very interesting area to investigate!


Here’s an excellent presentation “New Breakthroughs in the Development of a Vaccine Against the Coronavirus” which I was lucky enough to watch 2 weeks ago. It was given by Dennis Small of the Schiller Institute

There are many particular issues which we raise and discuss in the report, [“LaRouche’s Apollo Mission to Defeat the Global Pandemic - Build a World Health System Now!”]( but I’m going to leave a lot of that for the discussion period and I’m going to focus instead on a slightly different angle: the breakthroughs in the development of a vaccine agains the coronavirus. The test being posed to the youth of today, “From among YOU must arise the next Platos, Keplers, Einsteins, and so on.” It’s a charge which young people who are thinking take very seriously. There’s an endless process. There’s a huge amount of interest and ferment around ideas.

You may be asking yourself, what in the world does this have to do with a developing of the vaccine? The issue is not simply that these youth, university and other youth, are a very important part of a political movement. There’s something more underlying, more profound in this, as to what the actual issue is.

I think what we have to do is look at what Lyndon LaRouche says about the cause of what he foresaw as the pandemics which we are now facing. A pandemic which threatens the very existence of the human species, and there should not be any doubt about that. It threatens our existence in terms of the disease as such. The financial system is blowing apart. It threatens our existence when the Federal Reserve and Wall St. and the City of London are engaged in the bail-out of a two quadrillion dollars speculative bubble and you cannot possibly finance necessary health measures under those circumstances. It threatens us morally, culturally where people are beginning to contemplate such questions as “Who should live and who should die?” Life-boat ethics. Maybe we have to triage. Maybe we cannot afford to have older people on ventilators. Those kinds of questions which undermine and challenge our very humanity. Our species is actually threatened on many fronts. 

What’s actually behind this? 50 years of policies which destroyed the very basis of human economic development, and in particular what Lyndon LaRouche has described as the potential relative population density of a society which is nothing other than a measure of the power of a society to generate those creative ideas, scientifically, culturally and so on which in turn unleash technological advance which permit economic development to maintain a growing population with increased longevity at a higher living standard and with a greater propensity for those same type of creative results.

Now, the problem is, when you have an economics system like the current one which creates  a potential relative population density, a power of society, which is actually LESS than that of the actual population, when you’ve got a population of almost 7.8 billion people, but you’ve only got an economics system that can maintain 6 billion, well, what’s gonna happen? What happens when your potential population density, after a sharp descent in the 1970’s after the assassination of Kennedy, the destruction of the Bretton Woods system, began to plummet to such a point that the human population actually overran and became greater than that potential relative population density? We’ve now reached a point where what’s threatened is a sharp, dramatic drop in population, unless, we shouldn’t be flattening curves, we should be bending that curve of potential relative population density back up so that we release the creative powers of the entire species to maintain not only the current population, but a growing population. If we do not do that, what will happen, and what we already see happening is, we will unleash what Durer presents, in his rendition of the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse. That’s what we’re facing here. 

The issue is actually a little bit more complicated than simply a general lowering of the potential relative population density of the planet. That is one of the things Larouche describes in a 1985 document called [“The Role of Economics Science in Projecting Pandemics as a Feature of Advanced Stages of Economics Breakdown.”]( He states very clearly that, if you lower the nutritional level as austerity policies have done, especially in the mis-named developing sector (because they’re not developing), if you do that, you’re going to get a reduction of the potential relative population density and you will either have starvation, or war, or pandemics, or all of the above. And that’s what we’re getting under the present system. But Mr. LaRouche also presents a more differentiated picture of how this actually happens, and this is the point I really want to focus on. 

What he says in this discussion is the following: “Society is an integral part of the Biosphere, both as a whole and regionally. Rather than viewing a deep fall of the potential relative population density as a mere fall in the relative value for the society as such, which is what I was just describing, let us also examine this in the fall of the relative level of the Biosphere, including that society. If this happens, this must tend to be adjusted by increasing the role of relatively lower forms of life which consume human and other higher level forms of life as fuel for their own proliferation. In that variant, human and animal pandemics and sylvatics must tend to resurge and evolve under certain kinds of “shocks" to the Biosphere caused by extreme concentration of fall of population potential.”

In other words, you have to look at the dynamic interaction of man as part of the Biosphere, in fact, a superior part of the Biosphere, which should be referred to as the Noosphere, following Vladimir Vernadsky. When we are so foolish as to allow our, the Noosphere, the creative part of living matter, our potential relative population density to dip below the necessary level to maintain a growing human population, we unleash a process not only in the human population, we unleash a process of devolution of the Biosphere itself. We create a situation where lower platforms of the Biosphere actually result and create a more backward-form of life dominating in that Biosphere. This is exactly what is happening today. This is precisely what we’re seeing. If you’re looking for conspiracies and you want to know who created the coronavirus, I’ll let you in on a secret. It was not a lab in Wuhan, it was not Ft. Dietrich. It might have been Prince Philip because he likes to do such things, but actually, you want to know who created this coronavirus? It was the Biosphere. And that’s because WE missed up. We, the Noosphere.

How does this work and what does this have to deal with creating an actual vaccine? A real vaccine, not just for the coronavirus, but for this generalized problem. For this I want to turn to (Russian-Ukrainian biogeochemist Vladimir) Vernadsky and this will be abbreviated and compact, intending only to interest you in further study and reflection on these matters. Vernadsky, in a number of his works, but in particular, in one that I want to refer to: “The Problems of Biogeochemistry Pt. 2” discusses that there is an unbridgeable distinction between non-living matter, the lithosphere, rocks and stones, and this and that, and living matter. This has many features to it. One he refers to is a special geometrical structure for living processes which is a space, he says, that does not correspond to Euclidean geometry, and he then sets up a tabular form of discussion where he says ‘there is an acute, unbridgeable distinction between living, natural bodies and inert natural bodies.’ He discusses various aspects of this, right-and left-handedness which makes a distinction in chemical bodies. A spatial distinction. What I want to emphasize is the question of time. Vernadsky says, in inert matter, all physical chemical processes in inert natural bodies are reversible in time. You can just turn the clock backwards in an inert, non-living process. If it’s a chemical process of that sort you just do it in reverse and he says the space in which this occurs, the space of Euclidean geometry is an isotropic state. In living matter, however, the biosphere, time and the direction of time, because it has a direction, is actually irreversible. You can’t simply turn back the clock which, in one sense, is obvious, if you think of the point at which living matter becomes dead matter. When a person dies, you can’t turn back the clock. It’s not a reversible process. What Vernadsky says is that this comes from what he calls a special state of space-time having a substrate that corresponds to a non-Euclidean geometry. 

Here’s more on the question of time, because this has everything to do with how we have to get the Noosphere back on top of the Biosphere and get this process under control. Don’t blame the Biosphere for acting like a Biosphere, blame the Noosphere. Blame human society for not acting like the Noosphere and instead acting like dumb animals. That’s the problem here. On the question of time, this is in ‘Notes from 1941-1942,’ he says “Time, being expressed by a polar vector in physical, chemical, and biological processes, in living matter is irreversible. It does not go back, and that shows that entropy will take no place in the material medium of living matter.” This is one of the reasons LaRouche insists that economics processes are anti-entropic processes, and consequently, anti-entropic processes, not entropic processes represent the actual nature of the physical universe. Vernadsky goes on to say, there may exist different space-times, because the space-time of living matter is different than that of non-=living matter, and then the space time of the noosphere, of creative living matter, is itself different from the space-time of merely living matter. He says “these are co-existing in the Biosphere but in fact, the geometrical state of physical space lies deeper than all physical-chemical processes and I think it is even more real than they are.” He says, there’s a geometry, a physical space-time geometry, which determines the particular form of development in it. It’s not things that happen in an open and unpopulated space-time. It’s something far more complex than that.

What does that have to do with the coronavirus? Absolutely everything. Take the question of time. In the lithosphere as non-living, inert matter, as Vernadsky described, what you’re talking about is the arrow of time moving in a direction which is reversible. In the case of the Biosphere, as he says, and it is the case, time is irreversible, because it is not simple time, it is the geometry of a space-time corresponding specifically to living matter, which is why it never arises form non-living matter. So you have a situation where time is of a different characteristic. Now Let’s look at the Noosphere. Now let’s look at human society. Time is different. It’s not that of the lithosphere or the biosphere. It’s not simply that time is irreversible. It’s reversible, but in a different way, because Man, and/or creativity, is the only species that shapes the present by living in the future. We’re the only species that can do this by having a concept, an idea of something that must be created, and then going out and creating it. This is what LaRouche refers to as time-reversed causality. 

He gave extensive examples of this which are extremely fascinating in music, for example. To actually understand classical music, you must understand this principle. It’s actually the principle behind humor and jokes. You’ve never heard a dog tell a joke. Dogs can be funny, but they don’t tell jokes because jokes are based on exactly the same principle of time-reversed causality in which you have a concept of the future (the punchline) and you make the present correspond to the transition to that future. That’s what human beings actually are. What distinguishes us above all other species is that quality of creativity, and the emotion of love of humanity, that accompanies that creativity. This is the issue of youth. If you want to see a person act like a real human being, look at his/her relationship to their child. The attitude towards that child, and the attitude towards youth in general, is one of un-egoistic love. Charity. Agape. It’s one of selfless love. It’s the emotion of creativity associated with intentionally making the future better than today. And people have that associated with their children. And some people have that associated with all of humanity. That’s what agape is. Youth are the future of humanity. 

It’s people looking into their own future, through the eyes of youth. The youth who will be on Mars, who will conquer new galaxies. Youth who will be discovering the principals of biophysics, reversing the again process, curing cancer, and developing vaccines against all kinds of infectious diseases. There’s absolutely no reason to think that our species is going to extinguish itself unless we act like imbeciles, like animals, like creatures of the Biosphere. That’s the issue before us. We have to create, as the Renaissance did with the Middle Ages, a form of society which is worthy of the dignity of man. A form of economy based, not on feeding a speculative bubble, but on channeling credit, into creating an economy that fosters conditions in which the creativity of every single individual on the planet can develop. That has to be our concept of future which informs how we act today. We will not solve the coronavirus crisis from the bottom. This will not be settled by looking at small measures here and now, and so on. It will only be settled by looking at the totality of where we must go. 		
What has to be done? We need a world health system! If you think it’s far-fetched, you’re not thinking like a human being. You’re thinking like Harvard-trained economist. There are very few forms of life inferior to that. Maybe a Chicago trained economist. You have to think of Africa: where there are 1.3 billion people, where 50% of the population still live in poverty. They don’t have running water to wash their hands in! 50% of the population in urban areas live in slums. They can’t shelter in place! They’re sheltering in places with 12 other people. Their place, on a good day, is a tin shack. We have to transform Africa. We have to do it with American methods. We have to build nuplex cities. We have to create massive health infrastructure. We have to build high-speed rail, like the Chinese are doing in Africa, and we all ought to be involved in it. We have to re-organize this planet and it’s political system. 

We have to have a summit meeting of the heads of government of the US, China, India, and Russia to get down to business and act like actual creative human beings by putting this existing financial system into bankruptcy reorganization. Wall St. and the City of London will be hollering, but we won’t hear them. They’re gonna be in quarantine, deep quarantine, and until they recover, which will probably take more than 14 days, the rest of us, the human species, can get down to the business for which we have been created. This entire planet can absolutely be transformed."

Just use Jim Humble’s “products” and get rid of Corona. But better be aware with MMA you are directly shifted into the deep sea where the Octopuss tentactels of the Pharma Industry wants to drown you They have to say what they are doing and they say it loud and clear.

But even in the english version they do say it in the language of Fritz Sauerkraut only because nobody nearly can understand the language of Fritz. At minute 1 an 22 seconds you should listen carefully.


Thank you for your insightful comments. I’m sorry the conversation was derailed(although the 007 clip was interesting)

“Mama sang bass, daddy sang tenor…” Everything vibrates, it’s music of the spheres after all. Anymore this can be measured by laser, but I haven’t read anyone doing it yet.

Perhaps derailing it again, our gut symbiote contains 6 trillion bacteria containing a bucket full of DNA, and communicating with our brain via the vagus nerve among a multiplicity of channels. I firmly believe our microbiota are resonating at distinct frequencies–if only we knew what they are saying/singing!! :big_smile:

Is there anything that is not living? and … if so, does it also have a frequency?

I understand that virus are not alive. … … …???

In my universe, all is life, all is living. After all – all is one. What does it look like where you’re manifesting? :eyes:

yes … I feel that too Darryl which is why I asked … the science says a virus is not a living thing but a process of some sort of parasitic style that when activated uleashes its illness profile for your body to deal with … they say you can’t kill it because it isn’t living.

What really is the science in this according to the connected Universe? How do we correct ideas that some things are not alive.?

A favorite friend of mine used to remind me “for a lush lawn water the grass, don’t pull the weeds.” I don’t think I need to correct old ways of thinking so much as I need to encourage the new. If viruses are dead they sure are kicking butt on humanity with COV19. Viruses cause evolution, and they’re doing a a very necessary job of changing our thinking even while we speak. Humans carry a symbiote microbiome of 6 trillion bacteria per person in our guts. They share the task of immunity, energy and hormone production. Our symbiotes die with us. I suspect there is much still to be learned about viruses too.

I was smoking for 15 years, from the cheapest to most expensive cigarettes and tobacos. One morning I woke up and decided that I will quit smoking, and I did with no problem. I feel much better now. But I didnt go to any medical treatments to stop smoking or using magnetic biorezonans. Can it be that my mind reveresed on its own the frequency emmitted by cigarette to my body just by my dicission? Which would lead that our mind is capable of changing and transforming our surroundings (in any world that surrounds the being) without help of any machine or technology?!