Role of Art & Culture in Worldview Shift

I made a YouTube video sharing some of my thoughts about the role of culture, arts and humanities in evolution.

It’s occurred to me that humans are fairly confused as a species and this is hindering our evolution. The next big step for us is wide-spread implementation of zero-point energy. This requires us to shift our understanding of the nature of space time.

The right angle is a construct. It works for human scale construction but the geometry of the fabric of spacetime is tetrahedral. It’s a lot more flexible than a 90 angle which is stable.

Our society tends to negate the significance of culture and art. These domains are treated as superfluous whereas science and technology are essential. Culture is what makes us human and the liberal arts give the human context for the development of technology. From a human perspective, the point of technology is to serve humanity.

Human culture does not yet operate as a collective. We do no see ourselves as one. This is evidence by the fighting which distracts us from evolution. As a species, we do not have a collective understanding of who we are and where we come from thus it is challenging for us to know where we are going. Evolution is a collective effort. Alas !

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