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Hello, Having a love for etymology, I am just bringing the Rule #1 to question… Be Nice?

Is this word, NICE, the best choice especially for this highly aware scientific based and spiritual group?

Nice origin comes from Latin, nescire “not know” and Latin, nescius, “ignorant” and Old French, “stupid”.

If this is true, then maybe we would want to choose a word that better describes the intention of the Rule.

To me, nice is not something I aspire and usually has gotten me into a state of non-coherence!

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Etymology, has been a prolific source of gnosis on my sojourn and I have offered that word to so many others to see through the deception. Great point @hbekeller !

Most recently in my cosmology and the secret to Nikola Tesla’s quote regarding the magnificence of 369, was the incorporation of the 120 degree astrological trine of the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction cycle set to reset the matrix in 17 days. First time in Aquarius for 800 years!

The School House Rock video Conjunction Junction spoke to me in etymological terms of AND OR BUT, hooking up words and clauses and phrases.

Incantation of ABRACADABRA and the biblical reference “In the beginning was the word”, in addition to gematria and numerology practiced with obsession by the Hebrew faith (See movie Pi) for thousands of years should key any critical thinker into the importance of “the word” or “the name of God” in the name game of SHakespeare’s play. and anagram and Pascals palindrome in antonym/synonym/homonym/cotronym from Babylon in cyclical number and “All is number” in “All is water” of the akash.

After all there can be no thought without the word that proceeds, “When you teach the child the word bird they never see the bird again” ~ Krishnamurti

I have not seen anyone discussing the work of Alan Green ( in collaboration with The resonance science foundation and Jaime, Robert Grant and Nassim, even though it was endorsed/“blessed” by the Dali Lama! I highly recommend you check it out.

Alan’s epistemology is more in line with my ontology AND my cosmology in the “heart” of creation, as a noetic archeologist decoding archetypes in the matrix of “things” in a perceptual light illusion set to “cycle” an epoch on 4/8/2024. “Shaken, not stirred”~007

In my opinion what they are trying to say is: allow people to have their say, voice their opinion, without being crucified for it, or burned at the stake. I supposed we could use the word: kind, respectful, compassionate, non judgmental or have an open mind etc. This is in order to allow for creativity and imagination and hopefully new discoveries that can lead to a better world; or more greed and power hungry morons… I suppose it is like anything, all can be this or that, used for good or for evil. it’s up to us really to make the choice, :crazy_face: :money_mouth_face: Anyhow; all words are just meaningless sounds from letters UNTIL we give it meaning. Hopefully this is helpful.

Thanks @GioPan I would highly recommend a venture into the Vedanta to key into the word “spiritual” that @hbekeller chose. The world (Platonic solid Earth) in the essence in microvita will help to understand the 10 vowels common to all language and their relation to the geometry of the cubic thought form, that generates spheroid/torus. Taurus as the elemental bull and bible ad bi-bull, or two torus in Nassim’s work.

One cannot have a thought without a word to associate but the word is creative, and if you beLIEve the word means the opposite of what it does geometrically and say it you create what it means in TRUTH of harmonic resonance and vibration, not beLIEf in the subtle nature of essence beyond perception of the phive physical senses, which in my ontology are geometric and more subtler than electrons or protons, neutrons or positrons.

“When you teach the child the word bird, they never see the bird again” ~ Krishnamurti
These concepts are more of a metaphysical nature tan physical though. So they must be viewed with that filter and through that lens of perception. If we are ever to evolve as a species the spiritual must be integrated with the physical of science to hold truth in Natural law in the Law of ONE, in my humble opinion, not that your opinion is not valid at a level and within degrees.


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"When you enter into this Community, you are engaging with a principle known as Synarchy … You’ve been drawn mysteriously and karmically, like a bee to a flower, and there are others also drawn to the same flower, so you share something similar in your essence … To meet others on the same wavelength as you … that creates a strong resonance, and it’s this resonance – this honey – that we call Synarchy.”

~ Richard Rudd, The Gene Keys ~


I wish I cold add more heart-earth anagrams @jeffree, that is a beautiful senti-ment. Very “Fuller’ish”, and you can’t possible have any idea how deeply the honey bee is in embedded in my ontology/epistemology and cosmology (& honey in my diet) through the hexagram. It is central to my assertion six is sex is the hex of spelling spells (incantation) of Hopf bifurcation in 69 and superposition of 789, which is why six is afraid of seven… an old “joke” that is nothing of the sort but speaks to quantum entanglement in the essence of number. But I am perceived as in-sane in the mem-brain… for most whereas I get the impression you are an exception to that experience that has me living a live of isolation… long before the metaphysics of corona and the crown of the sphenomegacorona.

“One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane.” ~Nikola Tesla

@hbekeller @cosmicsojourner @jeffree wise comments, thanks for sharing.
Words: notions, concepts, Ideas, beliefs, fantasy, imagination, fancy words, academic/scholarly/philosophical mixing of words etc. I am well aware of the power of the word and the great tower of BABEL we build with it. Eventually our tower comes crushing down when the lightning bolt of REALITY hits us.
Cleverley elaborated thought forms; positive or negative. At this level reality is what we make it. “WORLD OF SOUND FORMATION, VIBRATION in-formation”.
At a higher level we unite with reality in the totality or unified field or cosmos.
I suppose in the end I want to be within the unified field which encompasses all but with the

freedom necessary for growth.

** Therefore in the unified field everything is there, positive/negative, good/evil, true/false male/female, light/dark etc.

The difference is the way we relate to it.

You can be in it as it controls you, BABEL with ILLUSION or be above it, with freedom from it, but with the option to descend in it and relate to it, mingle with it, experience the “WORLD OF FORMATION”. It would not be wise to IDENTIFY ONLY with the word/sound/vibration.
Therefore we have: Realistic illusion?- or illusory reality?- true words- speaking truth- truth is reality?, reality is what SOUNDS TRUE…?. Pun intended…

In the beginning was the WORD… and trough the WORD the world came into being… Which WORD/WORLD???
Is that the only world/Word???
or go beyond our man made worlds/words?? Live in two worlds?

I am not saying that all is futile and all is an illusion and that nothing is worth doing since its illusory in nature. I’m saying that all is within your power to change what it means to you and therefore BE A CAUSE FOR POSITIVE CHANGE while have a place to go to when it all gets too much; you can retreat to the field.

“Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing

and right-doing there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass
the world is too full to talk about.”

― Rumi

Thanks @GioPan Word!

There is no good-bad right and wrong in no past or future in the pendulum, and no space and no time to worry. Reality is only real enough from where I stand, and it “sounds” as though you would agree.

Eventually is NOW, no?! In the thick of it between parallel lines that meet on the event horizon? And no space and no time and no worries in the matrix of things? Base reality of Meru having been hacked perhaps in past-future pendulum consciousness and things and me-so-horny? Out of the present of the NOW, and increasingly it appears those electric universe lighting bolts are gathering charge through all the manufactured friction and eminent, and I hope to get one right between the eyes!

Certainly it appears by the winter solstice of an 800 year return with the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius will be one for his-story.

Microvita “sounds” like what you refer to in “totality”, and IMHO the number of sacred geometric form of the sacred heart-earth anagram is how I relate with my feeble left-right hemi-spheres. The superluminal sound as the protoplasm of ectoplasm and electron with the observer in the point-line-circle. That halo of the crown in the “corona”, perhaps in the utterance of the “word”.

ABC easy as 123 as Michael Jackson put it… but then I am a “nice” guy and have no clue where it all begins or ends in the circle of 4ths and 5ths in cycle, and expect I never will. And IMHO “truth” is far stranger than fiction and I am all up in it, in subjective terms only. IMHO opinions are like ^!holes, we all have one and I am just talking sh% out of that orifice in the grand scheme of “things”:rofl: and mean no ill will, in gratitude for your shares of in-sight for “positive change” which is all I ever intend!

Wholeness in the Law of ONE, coming into view with the great bifurcation.

@cosmicsojourner I appreciate your sharing, your point of view and good intent. I sense you have a deep understanding and you identify with a different set of words to mine own. In the end my words and your words are all within the field. You are looking from were you are your plane and I from my place or plane. Therefore all is true and depends on the point of view or where you stand. Its as if we are all walking to the top of a mountain but are all using different paths and describing the mountain from what we see and experience.

Same mountain, same goal, different perspective, experience and description of the same mountain.

I feel that you are saying something similar to what im saying.

There are real consequences in it, therefore one must be cautious for as long as we are in the world of the word. Therefore actions detrimental to beings that identify with it have severe traumatic effects, from the reality lightning bolt. Similar to the movie The Matrix.

unless you already have. Don’t rush with that. A lot of preparation is needed to deal with reality.

Its ok to dwell cautiously within BABEL 's tower of illusions while preparing for the life in the open field. Remember that predators are also there. NEVER DO ANYTHING UNLESS YOU FIRST UNDERSTAND AND HAVE A GUIDE THAT HAS BEEN THERE AND HAS A MAP. Find the master IN YOU to guide you. A master outside of you must ONLY GUIDE YOU, TO YOU INNER MASTER.

there is the world of the human word and the world of the cosmic WORD .
The COSMIC WORD remains the same, we cannot change that, it is not within our reach or power. Therefore after our word/world has run its course it ends. BUT YOU AND I ARE NOT THE human word but the COSMIC WORD, we do not end with the word but remain in union with the WORD. So there are level of being and levels of life type. Can I prove what I am saying as true or absolute fact? The only absolute word I can speak is: YES/NO.

Thanks for the kind response and shared wisdom of Mount Meru @GioPan, where the path gets steeper and narrows as the Fool sojourns to the hermit. Rest assured I serve no master save my heart (The Great Sethahedron) and follow no guru this side of the veil of the identity matrix of Janus the two face on the cube of 2X3=6 faces, X,Y,Z axis in 9 points, if you get my point.

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Awe, this discussion is so nice!!! Hahaha :innocent:


Wish I could give ya’ll a hug. Xxxx
Love me some Rumi and Krishnamurti
You Both @GioPan and @cosmicsojourner rock!!!


Thanks @hbekeller… but they’re just words, and a hug would be “nice”…

I still use that dam word far too often, unconsciously. A measure of how deep the neural linguistic programming of the subconscious is embedded in our left-right dual good-bad minds, despite our fractal heartbeat and the internal infinity within.

I would like to invite you all to “The Time of the Sixth Sun~Dreaming Ourselves Awake

“Meet” you all there for that hug, virtually but NOT distanced:mask:

Wholeness in a new heaven on Eart-heart coming into view for the fear-less that see through the fog of control and deception.

Cool. Meet you there…just registered

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Thank you, :pray: Subscribed. Interesing and inspiring.

Thank you; Not everyone has the faculty to see and appreciate the reality and power of the word. To most, this is just mambo Jumbo, at least until they experience it and realize that the WORDS of authours are controlling their lives. See you in the field @hbekeller @cosmicsojourner :crazy_face:

Hi Heather!

first, your cymatics post is not easy to find, so i hope i can respond here.

  1. Dana Tomasina has her water group, which is reporting two free webinars this weekend, about science of sound-
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A good overview of how sound works and what we do in the classes.
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  2. Personally, i believe you will do a great service to the breakouts, by introducing your study pursuit- for me, if you mentioned Integrative MD/PhD candidate, Quantum University to me, i would have jumped all over that topic. so…one never knows. thats it from me - deep peace im