Sacred Geometry, animated


The most incredible thing about geometry, especially the sacred geometry of 3,4,5, is the incredible patterns that emerge from simple, repetitive processes. Here are a couple scrripts that render what I’m calling a fractope, which is a fractal geometric pattern obtained by repeating and scaling an element. Here I am rendering the 12 fractope, first as a line drawing, and then using color compositing to show areas of concentration. You can animate each one by clicking anywhere on it. Click again to stop the animation:

Stills if you can’t run javascript:

closeup of the second one:


Très intéressant… J’adore ce type d’images qui en disent long :slight_smile:
J’ai effectué un réglage en négatif
Et je vois, grâce à ton travail, et très nettement, le traitement des couleurs “Rouge Vert Bleu”… Tout simplement superbe :wink:
(ça fonctionne comme ça pour l’iris? pour un trou noir? Est-ce une sorte de lentille?)

Iris I

radius: ph *2,
    sides: 12,
    skew: 0,
    rotateMod: 1,
    center: ct,
    resolve: ph / 12,
    drawMode: 'lighter',
    io: 1,
    alpha: 1,
    radiusFactor: 1

Dans cette partie, tu as programmé 12 faces, peut-on modifier le paramètre et voir une sorte d’évolution pour “1 à 12”, ou une succession d’animations comme “3-6-9-12”? Que se produit-il pour un nombre de faces tendant à l’infini?

Hello! I didn’t even have to translate that, je suis nee en france. But that was a long time ago. You can modify sides to change the number of circles that are drawn, yes, but this script won’t animate the way you are asking. I have a lot of other scripts like this on codepen, and a lot more here, I can see if I can dig up one that behaves like you ask. Here is something else you might like:

Change the ‘iterations’ to 7 and hit enter

Yes, I definitely think that this is the template for eye. Lots of other things too. When you animate the line drawing version (click in the pic) it looks like a pulsating heartbeat

It’s not that yet …

Have you ever thought of seeing what you can do by hand in this kind of drawing?

Several things have occurred to me:

This looks like a fractal antenna. I’d love to do a litho onto copper or laser-cut some copper sheeting to see what the properties of this pattern are.

Each iteration produces a layer and each iteration can be visualized as a 3d structure - change lineWidth to make things more clear. This object to me evokes the structure of three-dimensional space.

Hello lonestar108!
What do you think about that?

La morale de l'Histoire, c'est la Géographie! :)

I love them. Gorgeous imagery, especially that first one - it shows beatifully how 3, 4, 5, 6 are actually a singular interrelated structure. Did you create these?

One interesting ‘sense’ that playing with numbers has given me is now, when I see a pattern I can much more clearly see what numbers are expressed within it. Have you had that experience?

Did you create them?
I only revealed them. This is the light wave that is commonly called Adamantine.

I see the figures expressed there much more clearly. Have you had this experience? They are more “series of figures”, represented rather by colors …