Sacred Geometry - Exploring 12

My favorite nunber recently is 12 - it’s yielded so much interesting insights for me recently… here’s the a close-up zoom of the 12 fractope’s center, followed by the 12 fractope center rendered using different compositing techniques:


12 fractopes… this makes me smile because just before reading your message, I was feeling deeply grateful of the whole colourful forrests in this planet and the unconditional love that flows underground and connects it All. It makes so much sense… wondrous, amazing, adventurous and so peacefully illuminating.

Beautiful :sunflower:

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Dividing a circle by 12 and connecting its points results in triangles (3), squares (4), and hexagons (6), which represent the factors of 12. These shapes can also be found in the simple torus pattern found in the center of a few of these images:

This is 12 circles within a circle (similar to the Seed of Life, except with 12 instead of 6). The intersection points can be connected to create interesting geometric designs, as shown here in string art. The nail pattern is the same for all and each string is only tied/glued to one nail:

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