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If we talk about Unifying all of Science so the aspects of the man as “Socium” should not be left out. Rather it should be a pivotal aspect since man and whole humanity is part of Nature.

So the question is: How can we as humans be “in resonance” with Nature? How can we build such a society that we are in resonance with Nature?
Maybe there are also laws within society, between humans - similar to the laws of physics, I mean laws of Nature which we can apply to society?
Because if we know these natural laws and apply them to society, so we can become similar to Nature, then we become in harmony with nature and we will understand, feel and realize the purpose of Creation.

Whoever is interested in this, I would be interested to explore this topic TOGETHER and most important implement it and build here like a mini-society where we can learn together about these laws and start feeling them.

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I have this fundamental question and would like to hear opinions of others:

We as humans are fighting on earth, wars and worldwars. We already had two of them and Einstein said that if there will be a forth WW, it will be with “stones and wood beating” (I dont remember the exact words).

So, I ask myself: When we dont get along with each other on this little planet earth and are willing to kill each other why do we expect to have a peacefull life out there in space, exploring other planets?

So, would it not be adequate to change the human himself AND together with building new technology so that we can be sure that the technology will not again be used in a corrupted way?

I am sure that the change in human nature and better understanding of how to cope with human nature will make it possible to live a peacefull life for all humans.

This is an educational process and a really big, a huge project. But it seams to me that we have no choice.

We need to change our values for this. We can do this be using the society that acts according to the new values, advertising and living them. We can start with a small group of people like here in Resonance Science.
And we will get help from the system called Nature, because it is more natural to be connected than to go on working as egoistic individuals.

We can explore the laws of nature from other areas as of the united physics, united science and apply them to the rules of society.

This forum is a wonderfull start, and we can dig in deeper about the laws of Nature for society and derive rules of behavior …and this will change the human, because by this he will be more conform and will “better resonate” with the laws of Nature.

Great Topic Alexander! I will respond with a word HETERACHY as an idea to exolore if interestes. This site I like:


Dear Jeffree,

thank you for your input.
I would like to add that the Heterarchy systems needs some rules of functioning which we can call the “workshop rules”.
Simple rules which are not a fixed set of rules, but a few principles are important, like
“we listen careful to each other”
“each one is of equal in importance … and each one is VERY important”
“we dont argue with each other nor speak against each other”
“it is not important our rhetoric abilities and how we speak, but that we speak from our connection” and
“the goal and outcome of the “workshop” is to be more connected”

When we arrange the talk in such a way we connect to an higher layer or on a higher plane than from which we started.

It is good to have an higher or more experienced level which decides about the topics to talk and how to advance the participants or just do mentoring the process.

All this belongs to the ancient “Method of Connection” which by time developped further and further.

We live in a very special time. Thats why this Method is being opened up to the wider public, while in previous times and centuries it was practiced only in small circles and was hidden from rest of humanity.

Pieces of this method always “leacked out” to the external world, but they could not grasp the true wisdom and purpose behind it and so they changed that what they heard and understood in their own minds, they adopted it according the their own views and by this all kinds of pseudo-sciences developped and all sorts of “techniques”, also all sorts of “meditation thechniques” - not the authentic ones, ecc. but they lack the genuine and authentic Wisdom.

The authentic Wisdom targets on changing man , which means to add to Mans Natural-Born egoistic (minus–force) nature the altruistic nature (plus-force) which then resides above his old Egoistic nature. This can be done only by awakening a force called the “Upper Light” which is not a physical light, but a force, also not a physical force, But it is the same Life force which develops everything in Nature and evolved our Universe and everything within it.

It is the positive force in Nature which on the levels below the “human” level it acts “instinctively”, automatically. (Everything in Nature consists of two forces,Right?!)

But on the human level we need to awaken it actively - by our free will - than we are called “MAN” from ancient aramaic/hebrew ADAM (from domä = similar, similar to what ? domä leElion, = similar to The Higher (level) and so we can rise higher and higher in our development according to the ever growing ego, but above the ego like a surver riding the waves on his board - I hope Nassim would agree to this picture :slight_smile:

Therefore man needs a strong society which practices the Wisdom of Connection.
We can only build it together!

Thanks for listening, dear Jeffree.

Embrace you,


Great thinking this is about one third of the mission of Science, Community and Consciousness maybe could be said two thirds :relaxed: :smiley:

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Great topic. Yes to build connection and community in the spirit of “the Wisdom of Connection” everyone should listent to … onselfe , to turn into depth of the waves radiating outwards/inwards heart. In simple words : if this resonate with You, follow it.
You know, there must be the better way we communicate and bulid society than we do now - that was always on my mind.
Recently I have read about new technology called G-COM , a so called gravity “cell” phone and the first thought was " oh, it was always there". Yes, it was, and the device/antenna/broadcaster/reciever has always been here as well - human body.
And when @lexanrer1 mentioned Nature as the vehicle or “medium” of which laws we can rediscover to reconnect to each other, the picture of man meditating in forest came up to my mind.
In spite of this all, we are here, this forum not accidentially. There were lots of factors each individual got to this space so looks like the connection “wires” works well even we do not grasp it yet how.
You maybe know the Wachowskies serial SENSE8 ? the idea of a slightly geneticly different human spiecie interconnected via direct mind connections into clusters was introduced in this film. I think we, as humanity, always got this hidden GEN but somehow inactivated. By our own choice to be an individual ?
Or we just evolve to this new level ?
It would solve so many problems. If one may feel the other , than literally You would never harm anyone becouse the pain You would immidiately feel Yourselfe. And other way too, the joy ( and profits and contributions ) You cause is immidiately shared by acceptance with others.

Dear friends,
I write to you, because there is a great need to bring this knowledge about the wisdom of connection, the unified science and that Nature is ONE and so shall we humans be ONE - to bring this out to all of Humanity.
Soon there will be millions of people without work - even billions.
There will be great need to nourish the people, maybe organize basic income or sth. …I dint know how this will be done practically, but there will be great changes in our society.

I am so happy that here are people and here is an organisation who takes care of the people.

Everybody and especially the unemployed masses of people need to be tought about Nature, the Laws of Nature, about the Purpose in Life in general and how they can find their purposefullness in Life.

This is a huge task and we are privileged to start this with ourselves. Those here and everybody who is interested in it.

I have access and am familiar with a few organisations with this task and goal and hope that we will find a way to all work together - each with his uniqueness and different skills and abilities.

One of the education institutions is the They engage in Integral Education. by the way, they are showing the trailor to the Nassims Film “Connected Universe” on their webside.

I would be happy exchanging ideas, getting ideas about the topic of the new (lets call it) integral society. How should the new society look like, based on which values, ecc. ecc.

Thank you all!

Embrace you,


Dear friends,
I wrote some words, not my words, but I adapted them for this wonderfull society here. I hope you like it and enjoy…

Purpose of Society - 1
We are gathering here to establish a society according to a new path and worldview of the Connected Universe, the way by which to climb to the next level of humankind and not to hinder this necessary evolutionary development. To rise to a new consciousness, understanding of everything and feeling One with Nature.
To learn this, we need to understand the reason why man evolved, “was created” and exists and why do we as mankind feel ourselves in the current form of disconnectedness.
Many wise people say that the reason for “Creation” was to benefit “the creatures”. This means that Nature wished to delight the creatures so they would feel happy, fulfilled and live a purposeful life in the world. And here is also the aspect of “fear” or “awe”: By learning about Nature to come to awe of Nature.
But the question arises: “Why are the creatures not receiving delight and pleasure, even though it was the reason for creation?” The reason is the “dissonance” between the United Universe and man or the so-called “disparity of form” between Nature and Man. Nature is the life-giver, the Encompassing Everything and man is the receiver of the abundance. But there is a rule that the branches are similar to the root from which the branches were born.
And since there is no reception for itself in our root (Nature), since the Nature is only giving, loving, in no way deficient and needs nothing to satisfy its needs, man feels unpleasantness when he needs to be a receiver. This is why every person is ashamed to eat “the bread of shame”.
To heal that, the world had to be created. World [hebrew Olam] means concealment [hebrew he’elem], so that delight and pleasure must be concealed. Why is it so? The answer is, for fear. In other words, it is so that man would fear using his vessels of reception, called “self-love” because of the awe towards Nature. This means that one should prevent oneself from receiving pleasures just like that and should learn to prevail over the craving, the reception of the desired object.
Instead, one should receive pleasures in order to awe and “bring contentment to the System of Nature”. This means that man will want to “feedback” and bestow upon Nature and will feel fear inside of receiving for oneself, since reception of pleasure—when one receives for one’s own benefit—removes from the feeling of Oneness with Nature.
Therefore, when a person performs a good act, or a thought one should aim that this act will bring him pure thoughts that he will be in resonance with (the laws of) Nature and feeds to Nature back the good and abundance that Nature gives in every moment.
And this is why we gather here—to establish a society where each of us follows the spirit of bestowing upon the System and field of Nature. And to achieve bestowal upon Nature, we must begin with bestowal upon man, which is called “Love of Others.”
And love of others can only be through revoking of one’s self. Thus, on the one hand, each person should feel lowly, and on the other hand, be proud that Nature has given us the chance to be in a society where each of us has but one single goal: for The “Field of Resonance” Shechina [Hebrew: dwelling Divinity] dwells “resonates” between us.
And although we have not yet achieved this goal, we have the desire to achieve it. And this, too, should be appreciated by us, for even though we are at the beginning of the way, we do hope to achieve the exalted goal.

Embrace you all,

Thank you for bringing this up. Actually, ancient Taoist thinkers have already been exploring the question thousands of years ago. I watched this documentary recently and found it very inspiring as it pertains to how to stop struggling inside oneself and with one another. May be it will inspire other souls here :slight_smile:

Hello Alexander,
I appreciate your post and question marks…This is a link where Gregg Braden speaks about the Dalai Lama being interviewed and one of his answers:
May be we can further discuss after you have watched the video? I would say living in the secret space of our heart as much as possible would be a good start. But ancien civilizations lived this way, caring about others and not only about themselves, listening to their needs as well as to theirs in a fair manner, finding balance and harmony.
The purpose of Creation? Experiencing, learning, not repeating “mistakes” in order to evolve?
Have a wonderful day or wonderful evening,