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Why is the speed of light the limit of speed in the material world? Is it because the plank fluctuation can only fluctuate at max the speed of light? if light moves through space there need to be a feedback loop to the vacuum at every plank distance of spacetime? Perhaps i am wrong i am just guessing :slight_smile:


@asdf intersting question :thinking:
Maybe we should first ask “what is speed”?
I mean, what do we mean when we say that something is “moving through space at a certain speed”?
a certain speed compared to what?
for example, how fast would you say that you are moving right now, as you’re reading this? you probably feel like you’re standing still or moving at some reasonable speed (if you’re in a car, for example) and yet you are sitting on a planet that is spinning around its center at around 1,600 kilometers per hour…
you are also spinning with your planet around the sun at about 108,000 kilometers per hour, which spins around the galaxy at around 828,000 kilometers per hour and so on…
so I think that, eventually, everything is moving at the speed of light, so it’s not “the limit of speed in the material world” it’s just “the speed in the material world”.
maybe it helps to think about it as the speed of a processor in a computer.
so let’s say you’re playing a game on your computer. in order for the game to work your computer’s processor needs to calculate the positions of all the stuff in the game, and then tell each pixel on the screen what color it needs to be. it does this 60 times every second and if it can’t keep up your game will not work smoothly.
similarly, the universe has to calculate the positions of all particles in existence, and then tell each plank oscillator (plank fluctuation) which direction it needs to spin.
it does this every plank time (the smallest amount of time) so around 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times every second.
so yeah, I think that the speed of light is the speed at which the universe renders, just like what you said about the feedback loop :slightly_smiling_face:.


Haramein suggests the distinction between relative motion (around some external center of spin) and absolute motion (the spin of a body around it’s internal singularity).
You describe relative motions in your very interesting post.
I speculate:
We may moor relative motion by anchoring all such upon a definition, and positing that “All is Mind” in keeping with the Kybalion.
There is only one True Singularity. “There can be only one”.
There is only one true center of spin.
Each body has it’s own singularity, its own center of spin, its absolute spin. The One Singularity I suspect creates the “Big Bang” by, as a single solitary bit of difference in undifferentiated mind (in which All has its existence) that excercises the one degree of freedom available to a point, which is to spin.
That spin creates a difference between inside and outside, past, present, and future. What we call space time occurs within that One spinning point as a fractally ramifying network of in-formation within the previously un-in-formed Mindspace, but we perceive that point as endless space because in spinning it inverts hyper-dimensionally, that is, the point turns inside out to become a spinning double torus, and voila, it’s a cosmos, within which necessarily dwell a host of little isolated minds, -the awareness each physical body has of itself, and eventually more sophisticated little individuated points of awareness/spin who invert with sufficient complexity to become self-reflective, then aware of Others as distinct from self, then and then increasingly aware and response-able for its own effects within the world, and then, perhaps, cosmically aware, able to relate their own absolute spin to the cosmic absolute spin of the one true singularity.
All relative motion appears relative to the point of view of the observing body. But each observing body has an absolute position in the matrix relative to the One Singularity. It follows that we may resolve any relative motion into an absolute motion relative to the One Singularity.
All paradox is resolved at/by the true center.
Does that make any sense?


Hi Asdf, perhaps there is a relation to that, since “as above so is below”, one law exists in All throughout all the scales. . . :slight_smile:

Good question. I was looking for a spot to ask a question. The speed of light has something to do with it. I see in the lessons that time defines the 4th dimension. Ie the 4th dimension is that of time. I also see that the speed of light is the same from any viewpoint/perspective. From this I think maybe time and light are connected. So within the dimension of time the speed limit is that of light. Light is a 4th dimension entity. It exists only in time. I also see in the lessons that the speed of communication within the fractal hologram is 10 to the minus 40 (or 10 to the minus 14) times the speed of light.
This is way faster than light and approaching instantaneous.
I have considered the 5th dimension in my art practice for decades but never really knew what it was. I knew it was a connecting dimension. Maybe a psychic dimension.
So, a came to the question of the 5th dimension. Are the vibrations / communications of the void at infinity *speed beyond the 4th dimension and indeed belong to the 5th dimension of timelessness. Ie. a dimension beyond time.

Does that make any sense?

  • I say infinite although scientists are loath to overstate and prefer ‘approaching infinity’.:slightly_smiling_face:

Good day resonating fellows :sunglasses:

Meet Ken Wheeler today: Coaxial Circuit that is LIGHT.
Erasing nonsense of “emitting light” and the lie of “speed of light”

I’d let him speak on this topic, there are many more video instances on this where this one came from. And also, he should also take part in Faculty of the Academy IMHO, maybe some of you could feel the same way.

cheers :sunglasses:

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Extremely entertaining and informative … keeping up with the semantics may take a few listens. Cheers.

so light doesn’t exist and its just a chain reaction , so the chemical reaction in the match creates a chain reaction which somehow reaches my eyes and creates a chemical reaction there which gets transmitted to my brain?

so the maximum speed is “the maximum speed of propagation (or perturbation?) of any phenomena with transverse modalities” ? What are transverse modalities? What is the ultimate limit of the maximum speed of propagation?

yes thank you :slight_smile: but i still don’t understand what determines the maximum speed (of spin) in relative motion / absolute motion. how fast can stuff spin and how fast can spinning stuff move/propagate?

the one singularity is the average of all relative motions?

I also had some thoughts about the speed of light, so Im going to post them here.
Why would the speed of light be a limiting factor on reality? I think the speed of light defines a subset of reality. The speed of light is the limiting factor within particular band of reality.

There is much evidence for there being advanced civilizations on Earth about 12 000-20 000 years ago. It’s amazing that unified physics harkens back to sacred geometry and images found at megalithic sites. The flower of life is a depiction of voxels.

The first time I smoked to orange spice, I saw iridescent bubbles in a flower of life pattern all over everything. With my consciousness, I could move the bubbles aside and look at what was behind the curtain - light. The bubbles would swing back in a way that reminded me of a Mandelbrot set. At that point, I knew nothing of unified physics. I had seen the flower of life pattern.

We have evidence of ancient inter stellar ferrying humans all over the planet. I think some of the humans in the past went to space. It’s possible.

I was listening to Terence McKenna or Robert Anton Wilson and they were talking about how brain waves change when astronauts go into space. I recall something like, brain waves go more alpha; scientists feel more relaxed, when orbiting the Earth. Do not know what happens to humans when we exit the orbit of Earth. How will this affect our brain waves? I remember William of Torus Tech and Adam Apollo talking about this during a Zoom call. If we change our brain waves while on Earth, can we visit outer space?

It seems that distance is not about travelling far away but shifting perception or frequency bands. This seems outlandish to some people who hold certain axioms dear

Is the garden of Eden a metaphor for a matrix? Right now we’re enclosed. We must partake of the Tree of Knowledge and leave the enclosure. Perhaps the document is quite mistranslated. Perhaps it is meant to convey what should happen as opposed to what has happened. Perhaps it is a fractal metaphor.

The Lorentz factor is expressed mathematically as γ = (1 − v2/c2) −1/2 , where ‘v’ is the current velocity and ‘c’ is speed of light. However, when an object approaches the speed of light, the Lorentz factor begins to approach infinity (as 1-v2/c2 comes closer and closer to equaling zero).

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Wow, amazing man, can call Einstein an idiot!! Must be so clever… hmmmm?
“Light has no speed” … OK - and then “… it (light) slows down when it passes through…” :joy: - go figure?

Why is the speed of light the limit of speed in the material world? Is it because the plank fluctuation can only fluctuate at max the speed of light?
In short, yes.
I think that the Academy said that Lightspeed is the speed at which Planck quanta communicate locally. I think the example the Academy used was the speed at which two Planck oscillators can orbit one another. Protons spin at lightspeed - imagine a wave passing across the proton surface can move no faster than the plancks of that surface can oscillate.
It was something like that, at any rate.


Recall that relative motion is motion relative to another body, such as an orbit. (The cosmos spins, and everything within too, so all relative motion devolves to orbital motion.) Absolute motion is the spin of a body around its own center of mass, its singularity.
Where there is absolute motion there is a central axis of spin. The midpoint of that axis is the singularity.
Haramein proposes that our cosmos (H calls it our “universe:” but there is clearly more than one in his theory) originated as a single proton ejected out of the north pole of a parent cosmos’ singularity, where it encountered reduced cosmic pressure and so expanded for the last 13.5 billion years to its present size/information content.
That original proton will have left its mark, its own unique point, its memory address, if you will, in the information matrix membrane of the present day cosmos* - think of it as the belly button of the cosmos. All motion within our cosmos will be relative to that central point of cosmic origin. Every proton within our cosmic proton will be in more or less direct communication with the cosmic belly button because every proton contains a Planck wormhole to that and every other proton. The cosmic belly button would be a unique feature on every proton. Visualize a hierarchical fractal matrix of seething wormholes in which singularities are the nodes. Think Indra’s Net. The cosmic belly button is the point in space memory where the ‘seed’ of the cosmos sprouted.
Stuff can move at lightspeed via conventional movement through the 3D matrix because the Planck quanta that form the substrate of reality spin at lightspeed.
So the absolute motion of our cosmos would be relative to the original spin of the cosmic belly button, the original singularity from which sprang the “Big Bang”.
(I joke that rather than bemoan our “original sin” we want to seek our original spin - by contemplating our navels, no less**.)
Anyway, that’s my take after my first two perusals of Section 4 of the Academy.
I welcome other ideas and corrections!

*Topologically the 4D cosmos is a single 2D membrane at 0 distance from ‘The One True Singularity’: the logically necessary unique origin point not just for our cosmos but for all possible cosmos’. I equate this with Logos, which amounts to the operating system for the Universe.
**Please ask about my theory of human navel interconnectedness.! :-]


wouldn’t really know how to answer this precisely, but ‘modalities’ refer to ‘attributes’ in contrast to properties, just like water, for instance, has different modalities called liquid, solid, gaseous.


:sunglasses: … yes. the way i decode it is: if it is ‘rate of induction’ of ‘æther perturbation’, then light does not ‘travel’ and hence can’t have ‘speed’, but is rather ‘re-created’ every ‘step of the way’. could it (light) act as a ‘bullet’?? sure, i see no reason it couldn’t, but not in a way we’d imagine it by ‘bumping particles’.

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ah ok thanks. so gravity are black holes/ protons which are able to absorb light because the planks which are on the surface of a proton spin at light speed? Do the planks also fluctuate while spinning at light speed?

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes: :joy:

What are wormholes? are wormholes like quantum entanglement (I don’t understand this concept but i have heard about it). Is the wormhole spinning vacuum and connected wormholes spin in the same way?

i love that

Nassim said at the last “live with Nassim” (Aug 8) that the universe very rapidly expanded to the current size.

Where does cosmic pressure come from and what is cosmic pressure?

I don’t get it. What is 4d i can’t imagine this and why is it 2d at 0 distance? Does 2d becomes 4d through spin? Why is it the one true singularity? Why is it the operating system?

Please tell me about your theory of human navel interconnectedness !!!

I have some more questions haha

  • How does light moves through space-time ?
  • Is movement like a chain reaction?
  • Are planks somehow connected to each other like with strings? So if one quant moves up it takes the other plank next to it with like a wave?
  • If light gets reflected by a red object then photons hit electrons and somehow the red photons (planks with a certain fluctuation) get reflected and other photons get absorbed, deflected etc. by electrons?
  • In order to get white light there has to be photons of all the visible light spectrum (purple, blue, green, yellow and red photons)?
  • Because plank fluctuation is light, the faster a plank fluctuate the shorter the wave length and the slower a plank fluctuate the longer the wave length of the light ?
  • What are electrons made of and how do they reflect photons at the same fluctuation rate they received them?
  • Because everything are made out of planks, everything is light / electro magnetic waves?
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Is Light / photons / light-quantum the fluctuation of planks in a chain reaction? Are planks somehow connected to each other like with strings? So if one quant moves up it takes the other plank next to it with it like a wave?

yeah,… maybe we could get grant funding for performance of re-search for answers to these questions :sunglasses: