Spinning consciousness / our magnetic field

Ok cool I also felt like turning right.

Interesting, I will keep on experimenting with that.

In fact I was wondering about our mind, which is always active. I mean it is so hard to calm down the thoughts. Maybe that also is some kind of “spin” effect from consciousness. I just had the idea that this spin effect might keep us pushing until we’ve reached our full potential as spiritual being. Maybe our ever-active mind is a spin effect of consciousness designed to keep us moving until we reached our evolutionary objective :woman_shrugging:

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Your post has inspired me to carry on with the applications part of the course and Im excited to learn more and try this out in my own meditation practice

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Do you think it would matter witch hemisphere you were in? align with the flow?

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I was thinking in the same way. would love to hear Nassims opinion on this matter lol

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According to Nassim, you should look at how clouds curl to know in which direction you should spin.
Counterclockwise in the Northern hemisphere and opposite in the Southern one.

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Ditto Alison. Really inspiring post Adjunga. Thank you.

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Here’s an other great resourse on that topic. From approx. min. 27 on they talk about the clock - and counteclockwise spiral dynamics, its mathematical foundation in what is called sacred geometry (or Cosmometry, using Marshal Lefferts term) and about some experiences associated with that energy. But my recommendation: watch the entire talk, it’s awesome! :blush:


Extremely fascinating! What about if the spin was, rather than “outside”, and spinning in a direction, was perhaps a toroidal flow, spinning from inside our bodies and then reaching out into a torus shape and back again… (like an apple shape). Perhaps this could also be a “spinning” effect, using our bodies as conduits, rather than an “outside” spin of a particluar direction. When looking up how exactly to spell “torodial” I found this article that goes into sound and waves…maybe while you are meditating - with the spinning technique of your choice :wink: - you could also emit sounds that can be like wave-carriers of your intent. http://science.trigunamedia.com/geosound/ Interesting diagram that has the wave entering and exiting the torus like an infinity loop - that also could be the “spinning” that wouldn’t be impacted by any direction. I’m going to give these all a try! :slight_smile: ! Thanks for the inspiration!

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I think so.
The Earth is turning counterclockwise, West to East, so that the Sun appears to move East to West in the sky.
Coherency between adjacent spins requires that they be opposite in direction. Adjacent same-spin interactions rub against one another, and generate noise, friction, chaos in their interaction.
So a body/energy field standing on the Earth in the northern hemisphere would harmonize with the counterclockwise Earth by spinning clockwise.
In the southern hemisphere they would want to spin counterclockwise for the same effect.

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I wonder which way the Sufi dance spin in the southern hemisphere? HA HA

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I wonder if you took a Sufi and put them in the southern hemisphere without them knowing, would they spin differently? I bet the advanced practitioners would ;p

To make things more fun, think of a double torus. I found this blog:

Hi Adjunga,

It sounds like you are unintentionally doing a partial Mer-Ka-Ba meditation (from the mystery schools, ancient Egyptians used this!). . . It focuses on the electromagnetic field around your body in a geometric manner and spins it around you at high speeds in very specific ways. The upper part of the Mer-Ka-Ba where your eyes would be looking out from would be the portion moving counterclockwise and the bottom portion of the Mer-Ka-Ba would be moving clockwise at the same time. . The bottom portion of the Mer-Ka-Ba that would be spinning clockwise focuses on the “emotional body”, it is likely why you felt the effects so strongly in your emotions. The Mer-Ka-Ba is an EXTREMELY powerful meditation and is only recommended for those with much experience, as it can throw your energy completely out of wack if not used properly. . Even some that are well experienced with meditation and astral travel choose not to dabble with the Mer-Ka-Ba meditation. . So please be cautious, from what you described you didn’t do the full Mer-Ka-Ba mediation anyway, but from just doing a small portion of it you already felt some of the effects! It goes to show how powerful it is. . . I’m glad that you attained good results by chance, however with the Mer-Ka-Ba meditations if you spin in the opposite direction or with incorrect spin rates you can become ill, and that is no understatement. . Also, it’s not recommended to have your spin speed approach the speed of light, again it can throw your energy out of wack if not done properly or if you’re not ready for it, so keep the spin speeds below the speed of light if you proceed with this type of meditation. .

With love and light :pray::heart: :star2:

yeah, I think the most reliable way to find out would be watching the direction water spins in a sink

Thank you Arthur, really very interesting. just watched the whole video :wink:

Hello Cleopatra, wondering if your deep knowledge about egyptians and your pseudonym are a coincidence :wink:

As I developped my understanding of the double torus I actually ended up doing this as well but eventually I don’t feel like continuing this practice. Maybe intuitively I feel like it may be to powerful, in all cases is can feel kind of unnatural or enforced.
On the other hand there’s a very natural component in it, just like it continues on it’s own once it’s set in motion. But it seems to consume willpower and transforms it into energy somehow, at least that’s how I would describe it. Meaning it has an energizing effect and at the same time you don’t wanna continue it all the time because it requires mental “muscles” to be stretched all the time to keep it moving.

In fact, rather than accelerating it light speed I felt quite good just with the 8Hz of the Schumann (Earth magnetic field) frequency.

That’s something I experienced to and if felt much less “exhausting”. Rather than using a lot of willforce to move the energy at the event horizon (outer border) of your torus when I moved it within my inside it becomes almost effortless.

Just like IN the eye of an hurricane where there is almost silence while being the source of immense forces at the outside.

Learning: Rather than forcing energy to turn around you just let it gently spin itself INTO your core and imagine being the center of the water sink where spin generates itself effortless.

I wanna thank everybody who participated in this discussion for this vivid exchange, very inspiring and interesting :heavy_heart_exclamation:

I love Egypt :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, it sounds like your guidance kicked in for you to put it aside for now. I know of one person who has done the Mer-Ka-Ba meditation, he also described it as being extremely energizing which was felt immediately. Our bodies all have an electromagnetic energy field surrounding us, and from what I know about it this field is tetrahedral shaped and positioned around our bodies as the Mer-Ka-Ba (there are 2 energetic tetrahedrons around us, one to connect us to the earth/physical reality and the other to the cosmos/source energy, which is the Mer-Ka-Ba). This stable energy field is what keeps us alive, balanced, and functioning in this physical reality, and is one of the main links that connects us to the field of information (source energy, aka the vacuum). The other links are the mind and heart. It’s a sensitive balance this field which surrounds us has with our physical bodies and lives, I personally feel it is Mer-Ka-Ba shaped but whatever feels intuitive to you will serve you. . I believe that the energizing effect that you describe is felt is from directly extracting a rush of energy from out of the vacuum! . . Haven’t heard of spinning the field as a torus during a meditation but I can see how it would also have similar effects from the vacuum.

It was nice to hear your experiences with spinning the field! Thanks for sharing.

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