Spirituality, yoga, tao, new age energetic: what is relevant?

Hi Everyone,

I am new to the unified physics, yoga, tao, energetic and all. There are a lot of beliefs. Some are true. Some may be true to a certain point. Some are plain false. It’s hard to navigate through all this content.
Since September 2019, I have been looking to find the clearest view that explain human life.
I decided to follow the view of the teacher of my Qi gong teacher. He has hyper perceptions since he was 4 years old. What he could perceive was different from what others we’re telling him so he experimented and forged his own beliefs.

For the French Speakers, he has videos online.

I recommend to start with this one. It’s the first part of a seminar. Then he explains other concepts in following parts. He has videos of other seminars. It’s always the same topic but questions from the audience give other insights.

Basically, his personal experience tells him that spirituality’s attributes are human. The most important thing to him is: how, as a human, I decide to live my life, my personal experience in relation to myself, another person and the human society as a whole. What we call god, angels, spiritual guides are just our human perceptions. Thus it’s only me in relation to others. How do I want to live my life in the human world. Only according to me. Not to what others may want or believe good for me.

What do you think? What are your beliefs?

Note: multiple edits to refine what I understood about his speech.


Great topic thomas :blush:

A strict religion, faith or belief hasn’t ever gelled with me. I sometimes think it must be comforting for them to have it ALL figured out.
I’m someone who picks out things that resonate a truth. Truth to me is usually something simple, changes my thought patterns and makes my energy zing. I think there’s truth to most practices and we need to find the things that make us grow and heal.

Humans have a conscience. Others may see it as a guide or god. Some have forgotten to hear it or weren’t taught how. The more I listen to my inner voice and trust it’s observations, the more I feel in harmony. This in turn makes me feel and do good in the world. That is more important than society’s view of me. I’m not always in this space but it’s what I strive for.

All the best,


That’s the thing though: most religions don’t have it ALL figured out. The person that created the religion thousand of years ago may had a global vision but his understanding may have been distorded by translations, transmission…

Plus as you nicely put it:

that is the difference between being taught the knowledge and feeling it in your core. Today’s preachers may teach an ancient belief without having experienced it. Like chakra colors for instance.

I guess that’s it yeah :slight_smile:

When I was talking about your position in society, it’s as: how to best cooperate with others within the global human civilization. According to him, you will almost never live entirely out of society (only if you were an hermit and then you would still have to ask yourself why you’re living like this). Even if you reject the current society systems by becoming a homeless person, you’re still living off society by the money people give you.

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Hi Thomas,

You’re going to have to make up your own mind about spirituality, have your own experiences, try things out.

Qi Gong, I’ve always believed, is based on the harmony that exists in the Universe, the same energy that is part of everything.

Human perception? Hmmm, a lot different from the Tao.

You have free will, yes, so it’s up to yourself if you want to live in harmony with the Oneness, the Universe, the Cosmic Consciousness - there are many names for it.

For myself, religion and spirituality are 2 different things - just look at how religions tend to divide, but spirituality unites. Religions are man-made, although they may have emanated from a true spirituality, and doubtless there is much to be learned from them, but if an inner voice comes whispering, then try to listen to it. Spirituality comes from within, it’s an inner condition. Spirituality is the art of knowing who you really are

Whatever path you are following, wherever you are on your journey … keep going …

Best wishes on that journey.


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Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing,
there is a field. I’ll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass,
the world is too full to talk about.
Ideas, language, even the phrase ‘each other’
doesn’t make any sense.

These are my favourite words from Rumi. What they say to me is that there is an experience that we all can share, but as soon as we try to put words upon it, it “doesn’t make any sense”. Because the experience is really in another place from the usual workings of the analytical mind. So how one may find that experience is for me the quest of life. And surely there are as many ways to it as there are people on the earth. However wise one person’s teachings may be, the religions that follow them inevitably end up seeking to negate the individual experience in favour of a collective pre-ordained stereotype. I for one will always support the individuals of this world and look forward to meeting them all one day in that wide open field.


me TOOOOoooooooo…
I live in that wide open field and can’t wait for others to join me and play​:tulip::vulcan_salute:t3::frog::white_heart::sunflower::rainbow::comet::cyclone::dizzy:


Hey Thomas :blush:

In regards to society, I’m starting to believe that those we encounter for the most part are mirrors. There’s something to learn when I get moved from a peaceful mindset. If someone annoys me for no reason, I question what in them bothers me about myself. It’s not always true but I find it a resource to break down thoughts.
The last few weeks I’ve been seeing things as patterns. Both on a macro and micro level.
I think we are here to break these “patterns” that don’t align with authenticity. Authenticity is true self, balance, wisdom etc. Without each other we wouldn’t have growth. I think the closer we get to authentic the more we attract like minded people, then society is easier to be in.
There’s always going to be people at various stages of growth so I try to keep that in my attention when dealing with the spiritual young :yum:

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Thank you Sarah.
Yeah I guess I thought I was already there and stopped my efforts. I’m getting back on my way of life now. For the better.
I do get very impatient with spiritual youngs… I have something to learn about myself from that.


The answer is deep inside yourself, know yourself and you will know everything around you.

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Hi Thomas,

it takes time time to find the right answers because you need to experience them.
Information without experience is just belief and belief is for fools, according to yogi Sadhguru.

In my personal experience, Yoga holds many truths, perhaps even the most of all forms of spirituality and religion which are currently being practiced around the world.
But it is important to first understand the true nature, origin and purpose of yoga, which goes way beyond the physical exercises for better health we know in the west.
A good starting point is this video of Sadhguru (watch till the end)

He has many more videos which can help you understand the true nature of yoga

Greetings to all!
Love and light for this journey be of openness and discovery. Sky is beautiful this day and you are all the stars.Waves of energy even in the darkness spinning. :milky_way::purple_heart:


Thanks for asking the question. I personaly believe in infinity. For me the universe is infinite possibilities, therefore, we humans are unique and individual expressions of that infinite field of creation. As so, I never deny anybody his or her own truth. No belief in false in the infinite. Only what you do with your beliefs will create the reality you are and that you create trought your toughts, emotions and actions. Everything being interconnected, we participate to the field, thanks to the retroaction process explained in the course. What do I whant to create. That is the big question for me. And I can ask myself that consciously and co-create, the most beautiful gift of all…

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I have a big problem in that point of creating something.
You can create what you want, thats what i agree, but what does that mean when you create what you want, when you could be a creation of someone else?
I spend a lot of time to figure that out i can share some thoughts with you.
Basically you are a creation of someone or something, lets say you are a creation of someone else as a human beeing. So you are created and you have to do things to “exist” in that form your creator wants to. So what do you really create what you want? You cant create what you want, because you have to create what you have to create to exist in that way. Your choices in your life have brought you here, and maby someone else choices brought me here. I think we are not really able to handle “creations” it is more something intuitive and intuition in controlled by conciousness. My experience is, when you empty your mind and you are yourself and you are clear, you maybe be able to accept that decissions are in true fact not created by “you”!