Starseed Home Coming

I want to say that this brilliant platform and all it’s teachings has felt like I am coming home to the deeper underlying truth that links all beings. After going through the first two modules and landing in this one with the welcome video I was overwhelmed with feelings of “I am Home”

As a child I used to cry myself to sleep saying, “I want to go home” and I would gaze at the stars as my eyes swelled. I am a starseed, I know where I originated and living on this planet with my sensitivities have been very soul sculpting. To now make it to what feels like the Peak of Mount Everest in terms of global timing in this course I feel beyond blessed to be surrounded by such wise, beautiful, nature focused beings who honor others with kindness.

Where I come from in the stars is like that always too, and for the first time here on earth I have a large community of like minded souls playing with me while we absorb this fruitful heart knowledge of our true inner homes in us all.

I am so happy I keep telling everyone about this place.

I love you


Thanks for sharing your journey and joining us.


Thank you for seeing me!

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Hello Sister Starseed!
I’ve been saying fairly frequently these days, “Beam me up, I wanna go home!” too!
My journey started with Ken Carey’s work, Return of the Bird Tribe and Starseed the Third Millennium.
Then I began to hear guidance from consciousness, share they were from the Orion system.
Well, changed my life! Now at 75, I’m ready to go home. 20 years ago I had a dream in which is begged to go back to my planet, the the wise one reviewing my request said he was sorry, but “do to a technicality I had to stay.”
I do believe we are finding our tribe here, after what has been a very long spiritual search, I end up in the lap of the quantum field and feel at home.


I LOVE this! Also, this is very magical. Ken Carey was my moms good friend, she stayed with him at his house for many workshops and he actually dedicated Return of the Bird Tribes to her, her name is in the book! Darlene Ravin! She read me his books as I was a child and I grew up with Ken Cary in my heart.

I see you in your request to go home and I am happy you stayed as well, us starseeds have a mission to uphold and I feel your strength in the mission!

Once I started this course which I am in love with! I felt my strength and support grow to a depth as you did! I am so happy to be walking in my own authenticity on this planet at this time, I am in awe of our powers and I am so happy to be a part of such a huge shift for the entire multi verse! We are SO in the center of the action and every breathe counts towards the whole and I am so happy your breathe is with me!

With our arms linked we stand as one birthing a new world made for starseeds! It’s our time to shine sister!


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I always felt out of place here, on Earth. I’ve lived all over the world and nowhere felt like home. Only in the last few years have I felt I’ve finally figured it out.

We are the 144,000 spoken of in ancient texts. It’s not a number of people. It’s a frequency. We’re here to hold the light, as is said, which is frequency. If you look at the color spectrum as wave lengths, red is the lowest frequency, which increases through the rainbow colors, so violet is the highest frequency. Hence, Indigo children = high frequency. We’re here to raise the vibration of the planet.

My whole childhood I was convinced I am one of the 144,000 and I came here at this time for this reason, even though I thought most of what I learned in church was nonsense and constantly got into trouble in school. I knew I wasn’t a bad kid. I was just here to bust the system. Despite a fundamentalist religious upbringing that sheltered me from any other belief structure, I was still aware of alternative concepts at a very young age. I knew we couldn’t be alone in the universe. I was drawing Sacred Geometry as a kid in the '80s, nearly two decades before discovering the term on the internet. Some of my earliest memories are of past lives, despite not learning about reincarnation until nearly adulthood.

It’s so nice to meet others like me, even if only online. My in-person friends are all normies. But the connections I make on the internet mean a lot, even if only briefly with complete strangers. You feel more like family than the people I’m surrounded by. And that’s okay, because I know now that my mission is to help them during this transition. Because they’re family, too. They just forgot who they truly are.

We’re lucky. We are home, because everything is connected, and we chose to be here for this experience. The new world is upon us… exciting times. It’s been a heck of a journey. We’ve waited so long.


Oh my, you sound so strong and alive! To be raised with this knowledge is seen in you.
As I am now 75, I am finally putting many pieces of my life experience together. Ken Carey’s books helped me to understand that what was happening to me in a time period no one was talking about this. That in fact, it is an organic process. Today the Light Transmission tell me everyone can hear in this way. But few are listening.
I also understand that Ken nearly lost him home, or did loose his home because of how it changed his life and his passion to share it with others. I wonder, was he happy when he left the planet?

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This share means so much to me. We are reflections of one another for sure and I feel the exact same way you do, my heart is so fulfilled by these connections with beings just like you. I feel like we are so close and loving and no words even need to be shared all is just felt and known.

Your life is a true treasure to me. I’m so happy we are in this together and doing the work we came here to do. We are magic. That I am sure of.

My special gifts are expanding every day and the merge between vision world and the 3d world are merging. Makes me feel like my star home is merging with earth most days.

I’m so grateful for this course and to be linked with you. I have a special healing line just for people like us that feel all the sensitive vibrations. I package everything in Miron glass which is a violet glad from Switzerland because well you know, it’s the highest vibration. My site is

I’d love to learn more about you and see if I can support you and your magic :heart:

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You ask the best questions ever ! You know in the 80’s the unique ones didn’t seem to be supported as much as we are now. They were still being treated like a witch to be burned at the stake …

My mom said ken was very happy but also very isolated. He would stay in his cabin for months writing for his soul mission. He loved it but at the end of it all I think he felt a bit worn out.

But we all know once you transform into your soul body as he did you enter into ultimate bliss. So he is happy beyond measure !

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That’s nice, thanks. One of the things I do is create art based on Sacred Geometry, which I’ve been doing since before I got on the internet and learned the term nearly two decades ago. The reactions I get to my work is interesting. It’s generally one of two extremes. Often people, and even most of my normie friends, have no reaction at all. But a few are genuinely amazed and get quite excited. I think it’s another sign of the 3D and 5D worlds. Most don’t understand, but some already do (or are ready to). I’m here to help bring in the 5D experience, by teaching others about this universal language, so that they remember who they truly are. We are the Light (human = hue man = Light Being).

It was obvious to me early this year that we are in the end game now, so in April I walked away from my dream job of 12+ years to focus on myself and my place in the new world. I have since written a book that was published last month about a new form of string art, which teaches Sacred Geometry in a way that is accessible to all ages and cultures, without all the deeper meaning and mysticism found in all other books on the topic. It is mostly pure geometry. I also created a new website:

It’s crazy to think that this is the sort of knowledge one could be killed for, similar to witch hunts in history. Hence the need for secret societies (which were generally not bad, but unfortunately have been heavily distorted and corrupted over time). Even now, today, people think of the Pythagoreans as a cult, so this sort of thing is still largely taboo. There is much confusion indeed. I hope to bring lucidity.

I see your work is similar in this way. I think it’s beautiful (5D). But many will still perceive evil (3D). Magic is not wicked. It is simply the way things are. Life is magical. It is truly an amazing experience, not to be feared. I’m excited that we are the pioneers of this new world, as difficult as it has been so far. Soon it will be harmonious again, as it should be, in ease and flow. Because Love conquers all. Peace and prosperity, joy and abundance, adventure and excitement. This is why we are here; to hold and bring in the Light. Humanity will learn our true history, regain sovereignty, and be free.

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I went to your website that is STUNNING! I love it so much, I love that its tactile and makes my heart feel so excited when I look at them. I love the way you speak also, so clear and so true to how I feel as well. I am so happy I met you!

I feel the light coming through now with more love then I have ever known, I see this planet covered in mystery schools allowing everyone the platform to come home to their own truth! I am so excited. Have you ever worked with sound?

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Thank you. I’m glad you enjoy it. And it’s nice to meet you, too. This is what I’m referring to, when I say I connect better with strangers on the web. Because here I find those who understand. It’s rare to be able to talk about these things with people in person who don’t think I’m crazy, haha… Although, to be fair, I’ve been surrounded by normies. I woke up long ago, but back then it was a much lonelier time and I decided to plug myself back into the Matrix. Ignorance is bliss, as they say. I had re-awakening a few years ago and continued on my path, remaining covertly intermingled with “normal” society… until the lock-down. I’ve since isolated myself mostly, watching and waiting, preparing for what’s to come.

Indeed there will be much re-education (healing) on the planet. I look forward to these days, when we rebuild and create the new earth. It is exciting. We’ve waited for so long.

My auditory perception in this lifetime is terrible, unfortunately, so music is not a form of frequency I’m talented in creating. I have trouble distinguishing tones and some sounds most people hear I’m unable to perceive at all. However, I do have an interest in cymatics and would like to one day create art using this method, which does not rely on my hearing.

What is your interest in sound? What is your best talent? Do you happen to live near White Sands? I wonder from your name and location. I visited many years ago (I lived in El Paso) and would love to go again. It’s been on my mind this year, as I dream about the new reality we’re shifting into and consider the possibilities. I collect rocks, so hunting for crystals is a hobby of mine. Naturally, a field of crystal sand is on my list of destinations.

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I just looked at your site. I think Nassim would absolutely love it!
Share it one day on his Live With Nassim!
My art is more like my conversation with Whitefox…it is influenced by “The Return of the Bird Tribe” -
organic, found objects feathers and beading.
For me I must create or go back to my home planet. LOL


I hear you about the connections, I feel the same way and i am so happy alone that isolation actually feels like heaven to me! I love how sound vibrations can tune people into new waves of existence but more so tones for me then sounds, like a singing bowl. I love how the tuning forks and singing bowls can take me immeadialty into a very balanced state, in seconds.

I love the question, “What is your best talent” I would love to know your answer also!
Mine is that I am able to see, hear and feel the unseen spirits and dimensions all around me and other’s and it’s given me access to higher wisdom and ancient formulas for my company as well as spirit guidance for me and my clients.

I don’t know white sands, but it sounds lovely! I am currently in Castle Rock CO with y folks until I get a ranch in Taos area of New Mexico. My mom LOVED Gone with the Wind so she named me Scarlet, and told me I could do literally anything at anytime and to never let anyone tell me any different!

I LOVE to hunt for crystals! it’s one of my favorite things ever! Is white sands a field of crystals? I want to go! Maybe I can drive out this winter!

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I love this! I want to show Nassim my site to, how do i get to see his live events?
I would love to tune into more of his magic!

Thanks… I’ve been trying to get my book into the hands of people like Nassim, to no avail, unfortunately. I really do believe I discovered some exciting things. Of course I would, as it’s my own book. I think it’s the most amazing thing of all time. But if I could just get this in people’s hands, I think they would also see. Like some people enjoy the fact that circles fit together perfectly as in the Flower of Life. Maybe they would also appreciate being able to do similar things with triangles, squares, and all regular polygons. There’s a lot to find when dividing a circle equally and connecting these points, creating beautiful patterns, which can often be drawn by a single line start-to-finish, similar to a pentagram, except with many more vertices. It’s a fun way to learn geometry (hence why I’ve been looking for teachers and people highly knowledgeable in Sacred Geometry). When I was a student the concept of the square root of two confused me. But with simple geometry it’s easy. These are the sorts of things I’m trying to convey. It’s ultimately not really about string art.

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I’ve been in isolation since April… it’s great, but I’m sooo ready to be reunited with my soul family, haha… It won’t be long now.

I’ve tried a few times to understand sound better and have a general knowledge of the topic. I have one tuning fork, tuned to 432 HZ. I also trying listening to these sorts of frequencies in the background as I’m working, but so far notice little difference.

I think my best talent is creation, in general. I Love to create things. I design and build with the intention to make the world a better and more beautiful place. This is how I bring in the Light. A good example of this manifestation is my Lego hobby. It’s not just a toy. It’s an art medium. I design huge displays for thousands of people and attend the largest convention in the world, where I won best lighted creation three times in a row (quite the achievement for an event with a thousand exhibitors from all over the globe). It makes people happy and that feeling changes the world for the better.

Yes, White Sands is literally a field of crystal sand. Toas is the exact opposite in location. If you rotate the state 180 degrees, you align, which is kind of interesting. I’ve gone rock hunting all over the east coast from Maine to Florida. My walkway (from driveway to house) is also a field of crystals, haha…

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I see your book in the hands of all in the days to come!

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This is such an achievement yes! I am excited your so amazing at creating! I would love to see your village you created with legos!

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This is a video tour of nearly the entire convention:

I display with a club and starting at 2:42:15 you can see our layout, which is about six minutes long. The community garden in the beginning was my idea. I brought a massive ton of Lego to build trees and flowers with and invited everyone (exhibitors) to participate, which about 200 people did, so it was a massive success. It then goes into our various sections of space, town, western, and more. Instead of pointing out all of my work, it’s easier to see the pictures here:

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