Systems - Whole View

Hi All,

Gosh, I adore wise teachers like Nassim.

I’ve noticed a pattern emerging in various fields…Science, Health, Politics.

Those that can demonstrate their ideas on how everything is connected, and then how to implement those ideas, seem to direct us towards truth.
Those that look at one aspect are generally muddled or wrong.

We have to relearn to look at the whole.

To use myself as an example. My health was poor. I was on multiple pharmaceuticals. Fed up I researched and found out the Systematic way to cure my ailments. I’m now healthy and feel better than I ever have before. For the first time in my life, I am “drug” free. System approach led me to truth and away from medical dogma.

I really believe this to be true now within all topics. I feel enlightened by this new perspective.

Thank you Nassim and Marshall

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Hi Sarah, and thank you for sharing your experience :slight_smile: I feel very much like you. It seems to me nature already has the answers and we don’t have to come up with something complicated. Just observing how living whole operates will give us ideas on how to cooperate with life to feel/be/co-create better.

My husband started an experimental garden where he doesn’t “garden” per se. He leaves his vegetables alone to grow among wild herbs. Plants grow in synergy with one another. The herbs that grow near tomatoes seem to protect them from fungi (lonely tomatoes were ill all the time but with this new approach they do better). Also we don’t cut the grass anymore so the insects prosper such as praying mantis which then eats other insects which eat tomato leaves. In that way we don’t have to put much effort in our garden because nature does almost everything.

We observed that the seeds from those vegetables produce stroger plants. Each generation grows more resistant and gives more fruit.

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Simplicity is much more nourishing in most aspects. It feels good to be in harmony when we are treating our bodies, nature, others with care.
I bet your veggies taste better than anything you buy. It’s rewarding eating something you’ve grown.

Seeing the WHOLE has really guided me towards truth. It’s like a spark has settled and glowing.

I guess I was easily swayed if someone had a good argument. Some people can sound super intelligent but not explain anything :blush:
But now I’m like … hmm ok but does that work within a whole system or just a sample?

Imagine how different academics, news, health, governments would be if that was the criteria.

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Yes they do, those from grocery store don’t withstand the competition :grin:

I have much hope we see the shift towards it in the years to come. Something powerful is happening under the surface and although things may look chaotic, many can feel it.

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