Thanks to all for putting up with crazy GioPan

Thanks everyone for your kind patience in putting up with my madness. :smiley: :grinning: :crazy_face: :sweat_smile: :rofl:
It was just what I needed. This forum gave me an opportunity to get my thoughts in order, to see myself in a different light and to Gain clarity on what I wanted to do. It was helpful to see all the different points of view and get a bit of an Idea of the mentality that surrounds me.
I’m going to focus on doing the modules and wont be using the forum much, anymore. Too much distraction and I’m getting sidetracked. It was great for my Ego, to get all the likes and those nice (irresistible) badges; Made some nice friends, also. (Probably some enemies… lol :crazy_face:) Was great fun. But its time to get serious… Again, Thanks for all your support , kindness and for the playtime. Back to my books and in my much loved Cave. … I think there’s a Bear that’s thinking of moving in soon. Gotta run… :star_struck: :yum: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face:
Kind regards


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Absolutely you are welcome aboard the help each other grow into one mind of sanity. We are blessed right now with so many paths of healing journies most lead by folks who themselves fell off the deep end and now offer their learning experience. Here just one for example that popped up in email today from The Shift Network
Nothing is just one thing or another… not “cut-and-dried” as the expression goes.

Truly understanding the workings of life, love, and creation requires a nuanced consciousness and the ability to live in the gray area .
This applies as much to our concept of “evil” as it does to anything in the human experience.

That’s why so many people are interested in understanding the Wetiko “mind virus” that spiritual teacher and author Paul Levy has spoken and written so much about…

… as being at the root of the systemically selfish, jealous, and brutal nature of humans throughout history.

In his recent live Q&A, Paul responded to questions such as:

What is the relationship between our current times and the Wetiko “mind virus” you describe?

What is the origin of Wetiko? Was it human-made?

In light of so many people believing conspiracy theories, how do we discern what is true and what is false?

What are the signs of awakening? And when you say “awake,” what do you actually mean?

Are some diagnoses of “mental illness” actually spiritual awakenings of some sort?

The more I understand about this mind virus Paul describes, the more I’m reminded of the “one ring” in The Lord of the Rings … the strength of the host it corrupts becomes its own strength.

Watch the full hour-long Q&A to discover more:

Q&A with Paul Levy

Paul will be exploring more in his 7-week course Dreaming Yourself Awake: Recognize ‘Reality’ as the Dream It Truly Is & Create a Mindful, Joyous, and Fulfilling Life

… which begins this Monday, February 22 .

Another way we’d love to support you on this illuminating journey is with three empowering bonuses, including:

Awakened by Darkness: When Evil Becomes Your Father (ebook)
This chapter from Paul’s memoir, Awakened by Darkness , is based on the archetype of the wounded healer. It’s grounded in his own experience of realizing that he has become a wounded healer, and sheds light on how this deeper archetype is relevant for all of us in today’s world. When Paul was 24, the emotional abuse he had suffered as a youth catalyzed a life-transforming spiritual awakening. Awakened by Darkness is the story of how Paul eventually freed himself from both his dysfunctional family and from the toxicity of psychiatry — and how, in a dream come true, he now has psychiatrists consulting with him. Paul shares how we can all shed light on and creatively bring forth our hidden gifts encoded in life’s darkness.

Awakening in the Drea m Groups (Video)
What if you took the idea that life is really a dream — and stepped into the reality that we’re all characters in each other’s dreams too? Paul invites you to watch this video recording and experience a session from one of his “Awakening in the Dream” groups — a ritual he’s been leading for 25 years, where members gather to co-create the dream of this community. This panel discussion will feature some of Paul’s students sharing their journeys and experiences, which might spark some aha! moments for you along the way.

Paul’s approach to awakening and personal and collective evolution is a radical synthesis of quantum physics, alchemy, shamanism, Buddhism, Kabbalah, mystical Christianity, and the works of C.G. Jung and Philip K. Dick.

Drawing from his deep interest in dreams — both night dreams and the dreamlike nature of reality — Paul is continually expanding his investigation into a deeper reality.

Discover more in Paul’s 7-week video course — right here.


Immanuel Solas
Community Transformation Team

The Shift Network

P.S. Here is one more of the bonuses you’ll receive when you explore spiritual teacher and author Paul Levy’s upcoming 7-week course…

Dreaming Yourself Awake: Recognize “Reality” as the Dream It Truly Is & Create a Mindful, Joyous, and Fulfilling Life

Special LIVE Bonus Q&A Session
Join Paul in this special bonus session in which he’ll respond to your questions and concerns, and invite you to dive deeper in and through your direct experience of the course material. Paul will give a review of the material covered in the course sessions thus far, followed by time devoted to working with participants’ questions.

Enroll in Paul’s new 7-week live video course… and claim your three bonuses here.
Thank you and please continue to follow your guidance we are all one after all
lovevolution is the solution

I have made the following connections with intuition but i am not imposing the meaning upon your real message . Just for fun… Enjoy.
Like a dream…

Thank You. :smiley:

What about Psychology?

I Concur

One would have to replace it with the support of a functional Family. But predators can shape shift, pretending to be your friend.

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