The Good News From the Creator Through the Online University for Gods - Unconditionally Free

My Friends,

Allow me to very briefly introduce myself. My name is Stevan Lj. Urošević. I completed the Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in the USA in around three years and two months. My Ph.D. thesis contains research results for around four typical Ph.D. theses, with the measure that research results for two journal papers as the first author correspond to one typical Ph.D. thesis. I was designing optical [about light] and electro-optical devices integrated on a chip for electro-optical computers. In addition, I did some electronics. I was more the optical than the electrical side. I studied light theoretically and experimentally. Now I clearly know that all is of light. I was also a student at Harvard University where I took one course in astronomy.

I am sending you the good news from the Creator, the Father, the Highest God, in the form of videos and texts [I talk with the Creator about any complete good; every man (male or female) can do this]. Currently, I live life in complete righteousness and with the Creator. I am not a member of any sect. I am not a member of any man-made organization on Earth.

I made the Online University for Gods as the website [ ] and as the YouTube channel [ ] by the will of the Creator. You can know about this university through the video with the title About Online University for Gods on the mentioned YouTube channel. The text that I spoke in the last mentioned video you can read below the YouTube screen of that video. This university works with the true information from the Creator and this information is only good and practically works in nature; I only communicate this information. I spread the godly knowledge from the Creator across the Earth. This university is for the true good of everyone and everything. All talks in the form of texts and in the form of videos at this university are unconditionally free.

I propose to you to carefully watch the videos and/or to carefully read the texts that are spoken in the videos that you can find at the mentioned website [link is above] after you go on the words WRITTEN TALKS at the top of the HOME page and then on each of the following titles [this is certainly only good for you and it is unconditionally free]:

  2. Returning the Lost Connection with the Creator as the Complete Solution for All Man’s Problems in the World;
  3. On Man’s Creativity;
  4. The Truth About the Human Mind.

All the truth in the mentioned videos and in the mentioned texts that I spoke in the mentioned videos is from the Creator, I only communicated it. The mentioned texts are written such that the Creator was speaking to me in the right side of the heart and I was writing that.

If you listen to the mentioned videos and/or read the mentioned texts, seek the true sense (that is behind the words) from the Creator.

Know clearly that all good, which includes the truth, comes only from the Creator.

If you know a man (or you are that man) or a foundation anywhere in the world who/that would maybe give funding for the Online University for Gods that I made and/or for making the physical University for Gods, you can let me know via my Email address if you would love.

Live [make only good and constructive movements inside of you with your mind (in the spirit), with your body, and outside of you]!
Stevan Lj. Urošević

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Welcome to the forum @Stevan. Blessings :pray:

Thank you my Friend.

Let the Creator blesses you. And it was so.

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