The 'Land of Geometry' and Alternative History

I find it very interesting that every sacred geometer I have come across has their own understanding of sacred geometry, their own specific interests that lead them down their own pathway into this vast subject - and yet… almost without exception they are all interested in what we could call ‘alternative history’. Somehow contemplating and working with the fundamental forms, and studying the basic principles, seems to lead one to questioning the story we have been given of our past.

This is a page from my book about sacred geometry that speaks about this correspondence, and acknowledges the profound geometric mysteries bequeathed to us by the ancient Egyptians. You can read the whole book for free online at


Thank you for sharing !!! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for sharing your book :slight_smile: hello from south of France…

Thank you for sharing! i will check out your website. I am extremely into alternative history as it is a huge part of the Occult sciences. I am probably a Thoth-worshipper as well because I love his work more than Christians love the bible. I am working towards a deeper understanding of sacred geometry as it pertains to physics and astrology. I think that the geometric patterns of Birkeland currents are the key to manifestation and dimensional fragmentation. What are your thoughts on that?

Geometric patterns in energy fields tend to be exceedingly fleeting :slight_smile: .
Which is not to say that there aren’t large scale patterns, winding rivers, fractal threads, etc.
I am not a physicist, nor read up on Birkland currents so I will have to pass.

However, you have reminded me of the very interesting books by sci-fi writer A. A. Anastasio. He has a world where the ‘gods’ live in the energetic tree above the Earth and sometimes come down to possess human bodies. There was another where the whole solar system was some kind alien calculation computer. I’m not doing justice to one of the most brilliant writers I have come across (though sometimes rather too dark for my palate). I think this is the one with the energy fields "the last legends of earth "

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Thank you for the recommendations. I love sci-fi. So what are your sacred geometry interests? I am still learning so anything is helpful. I like how it opens up my creative side. Normally I am so logical and rational that i miss creative things. I am hoping to learn as much as i can about geometrical patterns so that I can imagine the physics i am reading.

Hi Nic ~
You can access my book for free (connecting with a few clicks t FB Messenger) at the link in the post above. I find ‘sacred geometry’ to be the best term for the union of science, aesthetics and spirituality. There is a long tradition of belief that working with geometric forms activates higher brain capacities. My interest is to use it to accelerate the evolution of humanities heart, mind, and spirit, to keep pace with the exponential acceleration of our technological powers. It’s a big call, but we desperately need a miracle, so let’s prepare for one :slight_smile: Currently I am working on sacred geometry games and a viral marketing plan.

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I’ve also noticed writers tend to have their own unique interpretations, but they all share some common ground. Such as How the World Is Made: The Story of Creation According to Sacred Geometry, by John Michell, The Geometry of the End of Time, by Robert Lawlor, and The Secrets of Ancient Geometry and its use, by Tons Brunes are all very different, but also explore the occulted history of this planet. I have personally made Sacred Geometry available to normies in yet another way, in my book Mandala String Art. I expect this to be a much bigger topic of interest in the new world, as humanity learns who they truly are and Earth’s true story.

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Amazing hey check this out

Leyton geometry

@nonlinear1222 - That is a thought provoking rave about symmetry, but to demystify if a bit… doesn’t it boil down to the fact that Nature and humans both tend to make big things out of collections of smaller things arranged in simple patterns?