The meeting of opposites

Would like to hear How unified science explains this.

Poem: Symphony of opposites
All true, all truly contradictory, all truly beautiful and sacred. All opposites meet at the same place and yet there is no place.
All good and yet all is evil, where both life and death meet as lovers.
One in the many and many in the one. Stars of light shine in the darkness and sounds are heard by the silent one. Shapes and forms in the formless void, dance by and take form by the will of shapeless shapes.
Life, death thoughtless minds filled with deathlessness, sing of the afterlife from the previous life which never was, but always is.
Continually they mate as lovers with passion both for and against, now in love, now in hate.
Blissful joy for bitter pain fills it’s belly and quenches it’s thirst never quite satisfied, always seeking more and less. Blissful joy for bitter pain fills it’s belly and quenches it’s thirst never quite satisfied, always seeking more and less.

Created by: @GioPan, All rights reserved.

Polarities, Complementaries, Dualities of The Universe - Notebooks of Paul Brunton

Paradox, duality, nonduality


Paradox is both the primal and the final truth. Life, whether we approve of it or not, is like that. Things are dual and so is man’s nature a pairing of negative and positive. But even more is the entire cosmos itself both real and unreal.


“The truest sayings are paradoxical,” declared Lao Tzu, and to prove it wrote a little book which was full of them. The proverb applies as much to the entire universe which science is probing as to the mysterious divinity behind it. What is more, we humans meet at times with the most astonishing situations which exemplify paradox to the full.


Lao Tzu’s Tao Teh Ching is a book of paradoxes. Yet it summarizes the highest wisdom, the Mystery behind the world, life, everything. It is the essence of yin and yang, the principle of polarization, the method of dialectics.


Every individual comes, in time, into possession of that very peace. The answer, so often summed up in one word, is paradox. For this is what sums up the world, life, and man.


Dunno how “unified science” explains it but although duality exits philosophically and poetically, it takes a long time all things being equal to result in equilibrium on a physical scale of mass/energy in the universe. The soul has a human existence on earth which mandates that we recognize our autonomy and sovereignty in our own life (free will and taking responsibility). So in our physical world when people want to be healthy, there is a lot we say “yes” or “no” to on a personal level - not as a matter of good/bad, but what supports personal health (physical and emotional) and personal knowledge of purpose.

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True. Its a real paradox. :smiley: Still makes nice stories and wonderful poetry. :relaxed: I get your point. We must have a direction and not be all over the place. A process of individuation and merging of opposites.
I thins explains it well.
Carl Jung discussing Individuation - YouTube


Actually, GioPan, I did not want to neglect mentioning it is a lovely poem. :heart: Poetry is one of the best ways to explain and understand perplexing concepts - like paradox. I love when a poem is like a butterfly brushing past and bumping into consciousness because it needs to be put into words.

I remember the “time/timeless” paradox from many decades ago while studying Arabic. Learning another language also includes new ways of thinking that need to be applied to everything - and paradox was part of it. Eventually paradox becomes the norm. When it is not, the current psych term for it seems to be “cognitive dissonance” (CD), lol. We all need to find ways to be grounded, to avoid CD and accommodate paradox.
I consciously got onto the “unity” path in science (GUI/TOE) after starting to study Ancient History, Geology, and Astronomy decades ago. I suppose that is why I happened upon videos of numerous presentations of Nassim’s work after he started presenting it publicly. I like the Torus energy model as a way to relate to paradox . . . sort of like an energy mobius strip when considering the inside/outside paradox!

“On the path to wisdom, the more I know, the more I know how little I know” -unknown



Thanks guys - here’s my two cents,
I’ve heard the term decompensating and thought it was almost humorous way to describe a breakdown, but in life are we not always compensating to " accommodate the paradox" and entropy in whatever form it may take. Paradox can establish an almost binary type of equivalence and therefor becomes polarized so there’s a field of energy we must navigate. The taste of life is bittersweet. (somebody said)