The Newton film- invitation to witchcraft

where did that come from??? After “dry” reading, suddenly this amazing movie. For a few brief moments I was totally relieved from my loneliness and social isolation. Perhaps I am a witch after all, just didn’t reach the right environment. Or the right time. Not sure which is tougher though- to be burned in the town square or to be totally ignored.
I feel at home that this deep scientific investigation is not devoid of profound mysticism and passion.

It is very generous of you to share this movie with us.


I am speechless after seeing Nassim at lesson 4 in this module.
So much peace. inspiration. beauty. courage. truth. clarity. compassion.
when he speaks about the basic passion each should follow, you can but admire him totally.
this is how any human being should live.
Living your dreams instead your fears.
. Is there a tour in the middle east soon?..I’d probably register…


one last question for this module.
I read and hear only of connectedness.
I read and hear only of inter-relatedness. “Share these ideas with friends, family, peers.”
I believe of these ideas whole-heartedly. only they seem to work for others “out there”.

What if i have no one to share with? what is the validity of these ideas in my world, where there is only isolation, dead-ends and no meaningful interaction ?

You are interacting. With everyone here.


is that interacting??
What about the real experience. mutuality. echoing.

I am the tree falling in the forest with no witness.
If I am love and light, how come outside there is only fear and ignorance?

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Hello @mor_carmi! My Name is Nuno. I loved your post here! But I don’t know about the Newton’s movie you’re talking about. Is it in module 2?
Thank you dear! :relaxed:

Dear Nuno (that is the sweetest name in the world, probably)
The movie is in 2.3.12

Thank you so much for liking my writings. A ray of light is these dark days around me

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Hi mor_carmi,
Excuse my english, it will probably sount a little “frenchy”.
What if the main point of our life on earth is to connect with that source, that unity?
If we succeed, what a gordious feeling i guess. Feeling this unity in our own guts, as we are all connected, it will impact our outside linving somehow, somewhere.
As long as we keep the will to change the others point of view, it is like staying, nurrishing the separation between us. How can the others feel this unity then?
Not easy to share this point of view in english.
Hope it will make a little sens though…
Take care, and keep seeking your connection, the rest will follow… hopefully😉

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of course it is. like saying: the purpose is to love unconditionally. to create who we are. to see through the illusion. etc.

I love the words. I just can’t experience any of it. And I wonder, do all the happy, sane people around me are connected to the source and this is why they are so well adapted to living in society?
or, my own in-adaption is actually the lack of a language. The path is inwards in a total way, and unluckily (Karma stuff) I have an addiction to a love from an outside source.

Thank you for your attention Sara. Appreciate it

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Oh my God! What sweetness yours! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you for your care!
I’m gonna watch the movie! Thank you a lot :relaxed:

Let’s try something new. Take an assumption that You are already connected to the source. Just an assumption. You may not feel it in the way You do not really pay attention to the fact Your lounges are breathing. And when You go sleep You take it as granted Your body will not forget to breathe and the heart wil still beat.So the same way You do not have to do anything special to stay connected with the Source. It creates all conditions to keep You alive. It creates You. Than, perhaps just before fading into deep sleep, tap into the Source your dreams, hopes or imaginations. Do not expect anything. Just observe how it works.

The Newton film is sorcery, yes.
al-chemy is mainly a spiritual practice, not something pertaining only to chemistry or physical substances as presented in this film. in simple worlds, yes, they are trolling big time. :sunglasses:
Message communicated by the film is that Newton had the right ideas at first, but the “dark cult” was too numerous and people too retarded by at least 200 years of false-hood, that he finally gave up to the “dark side” and aligned his work accordingly. His hair turning snow-white, right? yes, there are many…

  1. Então olhe-se no espelho, lá estará a fonte…
  2. A voz do silêncio sempre te trará grandes respostas.