The question of "everything has its beginning and ending". Will matter disappear

面包大叔 2020/7/11 17:13:49
The question of “everything has its beginning and ending”. Will matter disappear
What is the beginning? Big bang?
So what is disappearance?
Some people may say that the death of living things, the evaporation of water, is called disappearance
It’s illogical, because we know that there’s only matter that transforms into another form, and there’s no disappearance
Whether it is a closed system, or access to other systems, but the speed of transformation and more micro to the extent that we can not imagine
But there is no disappearance
I don’t understand the meaning of the word disappearance, but I can understand the transformation from one form to another
For example, in the form of energy matter, water evaporates into gas
Is there a real disappearance? If there is, in this world, a material disappears, and there will inevitably be a vacancy. I think this is wrong and impossible
It is also impossible to go to another closed world, so there will be less world on this side, which proves that there are many [worlds]. Obviously, at present, we only have [transformation], not [disappearance]
Even if a small particle is fleeting and decaying, it will only be transformed into a more microscopic form, but it will not disappear
So it is wrong that everything has its beginning and end
[all things have no end point] only exist [transformation]

面包大叔 2020/7/11 17:14:05
The thinking of ordinary people is lost and nonexistent. However, it can not stand the scrutiny and can only exist in transformation
I think I must be right about this point
But there are still some other nonphysical things that I can’t understand. Do you follow this rule
What is immaterial? information
It’s like typing “hello” in the computer and deleting it
According to normal logic, this “hello” should disappear
But if we follow this logic, he doesn’t conform to the above rule,
So what did he transform into?
At this time, it is likely that some people think that my brain is damaged, the text deleted is not disappeared, how can it be transformed?
If there is a kind of thing in the world that will only disappear and will not transform, then this kind of thing cannot be called substance
Suppose two worlds, one substance suddenly disappears, then it will certainly appear empty and shrink. If matter is produced out of thin air, instead of transformation, then space will inevitably expand
If there is only one world, it is impossible for matter to disappear. If there is one world, its space volume will certainly decrease
Of course, the above seems to be nonsense, because this is the law of conservation of energy
Once we were very surprised by the black hole. We thought that black hole can completely eliminate a substance from the world, and it doesn’t exist
However, the latter view has been overturned. It is obvious that if matter can be combined with other existing substances and energy, it will never produce new energy or the current energy will disappear out of thin air, because no matter how large the universe is, the matter inside it will remain unchanged and will only transform from one form to another

面包大叔 2020/7/11 17:14:14
Back to that topic
This makes me very puzzled
Is information material? Will it affect the framework of the universe?
Generally speaking, according to logic, information certainly does not belong to matter. This is common sense. The computer type the word “hello” and then delete the information and disappear
So what does information belong to? Then maybe it’s just a program in the computer. No matter whether it’s typed or deleted, it’s still a computer program, but it’s just transformed from black screen to text. Maybe that’s what makes me understand. Otherwise, pure [appearance] and [disappearance] don’t exist in this world, so information can only be transformed instead of disappearing, including computer data
I’ve always suspected that information is not matter, so there’s no need to follow conservation laws
What does immaterial information include? The program code in the computer belongs to, but this should be distinguished
For example, we use a cigarette to spit out a number [3] cigarette ring, which must be material, but the meaning of the three is not material, because only we, or biology or observers can see and know this information
This leads us to associate non-material information with consciousness and biology. Information seems to be meaningful only to organisms and observers
Before the particles are combined into creatures, before the organisms are conscious, does the immaterial information exist?
In fact, the implication is to know what the intangible information is? Does he follow the law of conservation?
If it is followed, what is it produced out of thin air or disappeared or transformed out of thin air
The law cannot be produced out of thin air. For example, stone is not produced out of thin air. It must be transformed from other substances
But we made bicycles, from the material point of view, it is the transformation and combination of other materials. Why can bicycles be used to ride on the road after they are made? I think [immaterial information] still follows this conservation law
For example, we can invent bicycles. According to science, bicycles can walk, but this shows that technology existed before we invented any technology
It doesn’t come out of thin air, but it exists in itself, so we can invent it
In turn, the message “bicycle can walk” will not disappear in any condition
Or if the world’s creatures and observers perish, this information will remain in the universe and the world until the next creature and observer makes it
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