The science behind Free Energy


I don’t know what is in this book however, recently, I came up with an irrefutable “proof” that
a perpetual motion mechanical device can be built that provides a continuous source of electricity
forever once started and have the pertinent facts that back this up, the mathematics related to the
design that show that even if I hack it and put the machine together without even checking exact
specs that 50 per cent of the designs will run continuously and have an exact schematic design that
will do the job. Prior to building this actually can be proven/tested/verified using a version of Autocad
that simulates gravity and mechanical devices. Unfortunately what I don’t have is the software, the
expansion that simulates gravity/mechanical devices working and a professional who is an expert with
such software. All I do know is I have a 100 per cent proof that a perpetual motion machine can be made and that it will work guaranteed!! Any Autocad experts out there who are experts as listed above? If so
contact me at with subject title “Perpetual Motion” Thanks