The Universal Smile

Although we are not always able to reveal the Universal Smile, I wish to acknowledge that the Great Spirit is indeed smiling through every atom, photon and planck of the manifest universe. To realize this and to let our own smiles resonate through all our perceived trials and tribulations is the great challenge of conscious life. There is no answer to a smile because there is no question. A smile is acceptance, love, happiness, harmony - all the good things of life are in the real smile. So while we search for reasons, answers, explanations, let’s not forget that we can all smile. So let’s smile, and at the same time let us be open to perceive and receive the Universal Smile of the Great Spirit in return. Because it’s right there. Smiling through every atom, photon, and planck. Indeed it is what the universe is made of. So today, and every day, I just want to acknowledge the presence and beauty of the Universal Smile and share that, if I can, with you all today. Thank you, :slightly_smiling_face:



Wonderful, thanks John.


That’s pretty cool Sarah. Of course I had to fact-check, and it’s true! Amazing isn’t it? I was at the pyramids in 1981 before mass tourism began to ruin the world. It was pure magic. :slight_smile: