The Vacuum of the human psyche

A time in humanity where many can relate to the vacuum from an emotional-energetic perspective. There is no difference from an emotional dialog to a scientific one.
Surprisingly I find mainly smiles and happiness everywhere I look, including this site,so maybe we are getting comfortable with the void.
What is the difference between void and vacuum? that the last one is attracting?

For me vacuum and void and loneliness are the same, since from each an endless energy can emerge. The trick is how to get access to it. I admit that in my dark hours I am unable to access it.

Being new here, I hope these lines are not totally out of place.

Bless you all
Mor Carmi


We are an authentic forum thank you for being authentic you are in the right place this is a process of lovevolution for all of us. Enjoy the journey not the destination I like listening to Matt Kahn sometime do you?


The void and vacuum are separate sides of a black hole, and a Zero Point event. You decide wether or not to be a 1 or a 0. There are mirrored dimensions and your resonance decides your here and now.


today I feel like endless sides of a black hole.

if the journey is isolation, can you enjoy it?


You are everything and nothing. Isolation is self-imposed.


this is correct.
the knowledge of it
never freed me
the intellectual understanding
never touched the experience.

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so beutiful.

As a common Yoga teacher I am familiar with the basis.Knowing we are one has never led me to experience unity. Only separation. It is an enigma.

“…and I long I long I long for the place
Where your nature becomes mine.
Where we meet”.


I find that it all comes down to choice. Perspective is good to gain. Many different perspectives gained is better. Some from both sides of the vacuum. We are the void, and the vacuum is our thoughts and desires building a universe around us. The universe around us may very well be for the purpose of battling the loneliness of the void. But Walter Russell says that voidance is balance. So maybe balance is too lonely for us, and that is why we choose imbalance.