There is no "other"

I love this Buddhist word *Interbeing" The connotations are so strong. For me, it’s surely a more meaningful word than plain old connected, interconnected. connection, connectivity (which all hint at 2 or more being joined together.) Interbeing really does suggest that there is only One, There is no “other”. Like the droplets that make the ocean, everything is part of the one, AND, everything is alive and conscious

Yes, you can see I’m so very into our interbeing - between “ourself”, our planet and everything on it, our universe.

Look how many words I have needed to convey the meaning, but really, I only need one word. Ah, such an economy of language.



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Excellent. But will anyone know what I’m talking about?

Ah well, it depends on how eloquent you are. ( just kidding ).

It might be enough just to plant a tiny wee seed. I hope you don’t give up. The more of us who know this, the more likely it will ripple out - people will start to see examples of oneness everywhere, they’ll start to feel it in their bones, it’ll be in their dreams, they’ll overhear a conversation at a bus stop, soon they won’t be able to ignore it any longer. Let’s face it, everyone knows this deep down, and it WILL come into consciousness - eventually. In your lifetime? In mine? Well, maybe I won’t go that far. But I do believe that spiritual evolution is the one thing we don’t have a choice about - we just don’t seem to be in too much of a hurry.

But, keep going brother - so what, if folks think you’re a weirdo - you’re on the path.

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I like interbeing (but my spell checker doesn’t). It is eloquent. Lord knows B. Fuller blew everyone’s minds with his vocabulary. Used in context it’s not that big of leap.

So are our microbiome symbiotes interbeings?

There is no atom in the whole universe that is not in a state of interbeing.

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Sounds like inner-being.