Thinking differently = thinking by yourself

For me thinking differently really means thinking by myself. As a therapist working on people’s early conditioning and childhood traumas, I can see how most of us are actually never thinking independently from what mommy, daddy, ours teachers, media or the society told us. Unconsciously we’re afraid of being hurt again, as we were in childhood every time we stepped over a red line defined by external authority (we were rejected, abandoned, humiliated, treated with injustice or betrayed). So we learned to stay in the boxes some external authority defined as acceptable for us in order to survive. But now is the time to wake up and stand up for ourselves and reclaim our inner authority, the one and only authority which can tell wether something is made for us or sounds true to us.

I was born with no sense of external authority whatsoever, which made my early life very difficult. I was beaten by my parents because I wouldn’t obey orders that made no sense to me. I couldn’t understand why I must obey only because mom said I had to without any objective reason. I’m still that way today. Hierarchy doesn’t exist in my experience and I feel equal to everyone (even animals and plants) and I don’t see why some self proclaimed outer authority must be trusted more than myself. That’s probably why it was always easier for me to think by myself.


Hi Anastasiya,

I’m glad you’ve come out of your situation with strength. Not only that, your following a noble profession to heal others :pray:t2:

“Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man." Ancient proverbs still rings true today.

We repeat patterns, mostly unaware until “something” awakens us to new perspectives.
Aren’t the most interesting and captivating people those who think differently?

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Yes, indeed. I observed that the universe has a way of reminding us about a more harmonious path. If we persist in our wrongdoings the feedback from the vacuum gets harsh :sweat_smile:

In 2011 I got a past life regression and in it I was part of a group consciousness where we were all in harmony with Life itself. We didn’t have a single “bad” thought. In hypnosis I said there was a fundamental Guiding Principle that was intrinsic to us and that we could feel, and all our choices were in accordance with it and appeared as self evident. We could never deviate from that principle, but if we suppose we did, at that level of consciousness we would simply self destruct. That made me think about the illusion of free will here on Earth. Because yes, in theory we have the free will of not being in harmony with the universe, but if we do, we suffer. As all beings and humans want to thrive, do we really have a choice? :slight_smile:

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