Time perception and consciousness speed

Hello everyone.
I was wondering. We have the perception that times passes by because we have memory. And also because consciousness has a speed. It is so fast it is almost instantaneous but its speed is finite. If the speed of consciousness was to decrease, would we perceive the time going faster ?
On the contrary, if speed of consciousness increases, would we feel time is slowing?
What if the speed of consciousness was infinite? Would we feel everything is frozen?

According to Nassim Time IS Memory. I would like to hear more about that because it is new concept to me.

I understood he substituted space-time by space memory because all information is already written in the universe. We just happen to move from one node of information to the other at a finite speed hence the feeling that time passes by. But all information is already engraved unto the space-memory.

To answer to my own question, I suppose consciousness’ speed is the speed of the feedback loop. If the speed of the feedback loop was different, we would not notice it.
But if you change the speed of your consciousness only, you may experience slowed time perception. Like in martial arts. It makes sense to me but I don’t know if it is correct.

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Or… What one name “We” is just an information. A wave in memory “foam” rather than an entity… just an Idea …

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True. I tend to forget that.
The energy of the vaccum creates matter. This energy comes from the information. Hence Matters comes from consciousness and not the opposite way around like the common belief.
So we are originally information exchanging information with the entire universe.

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Interesting idea. I’ve long held the belief that different species experience time differently to each other. Imagine for a moment … the annoying fly has stopped buzzing around and has settled on the window; you stealthily approach, rolled up newspaper in hand. Experience tells you that successfully swatting a fly is not as simple as it seems at first, so you gradually move nearer to the fly, making no sudden movements until the newspaper is poised 7 inches above the fly. Then, quick as a flash you strike ! Alas, the fly has flown. How did it DO that ? Well, my view is that the fly, whose life span is approximately 1 month, experiences the passage of time considerably different to you and I, so while you believe you are striking with lightning speed, the fly perceives it in the same way that we might perceive a feather fluttering down onto our head. I would also suggest that trees perceive us in a similar way to how we perceive flies and other cratures with a short lifespan.
There was a wonderful BBC series in the 90s by David Attenborough entitled “The Private Life of Plants” and, for me, one of the most fascinating episodes showed a timelapse film of a bramble which acted as though it were consciously making decisions, even stopping at one point and appearing to weigh up different growth options. It would be fairly simple (if a little uncomfortable !) to experiment by spending a night sitting by a growing bramble and seeing if it chooses to grow up your legs in preferance to an adjacent wall.
I’m sure there’s a simpler experiment which could test how the plant reacts.


It looks like that from the superior state of being or human point of view in relation to the fly. Perfectly. Than imagine trees in relation to humans. We are like those flies, too fast for trees to notice those flies are so fast they cut down most of the forests on the planet. But if You will be patient and wise enough, You will find out the way to catch the fly knowing it’s behaviour. I have feeling we have to team up with trees and the planet itself, whole Nature in order to survive. To do that it is necessary to tune in Nature, so change in perception is obvious.

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Yes, I agree, and when we do tune into nature we find that time either disappears altogether or plays other tricks on our perception.

G’day phillip, I so enjoy reading posts of members who think outside the square!
What an interesting concept , I never thought about how other life forms experience time , I didnt even assume other species would or could experience time differently as a matter of fact the thought of time in regards to other species never even came to my mind ! So thank you so much for broadening my mental horizon … georgie

Thanks Georgie, though thanks are also due to Thomas, who started the thread !

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