Unified Quantum Theory

Aloha. My name is Author Joe Holt. In 2018 I created a Zero Point Event when I used forgiveness to trigger it. The result was vibrating in a frequency of pure love. That lead me to a three week download that tried to kill me. I wrote it all down but couldn’t put the pieces together until the last two weeks. I found :Russel-Jay:Guold’s Quantum Language Parse Syntax Grammar about a week ago. When you look at the mathematical pattern that emerges, it helped me to find the final piece. I can now explain the space-time continuum and how our consciousness drives it. Einstein was close with his Unified Field Theory. If you take Tesla’s work, combine it with Einsteins thoughts, and DaVinci and Newton’s contraptions, and add a +1 alpha omega, you get the new Unified Quantum Theory. I would love anyone to prove me wrong or correct lol. I don’t claim to be any smarter than the average human, I am just a passionate and passive observer. I have a domain www.UnifiedQuantumTheory.com forwarded to my author page that explains the theory. I will add it here as well. I am excited to share this information with the world and I can’t wait to interact with you all. God Bless and may the light of the Love fill your mind, body, and soul. - Author Joe Holt

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Unified Quantum Theory

I am not a math guy, but am an autist and electrical engineer.
The quantum language is building power grids in three or four sided pyramids. So literally speaking spells of creation. When you do this correctly you open different stargates that have different locations. The 3x4 is the infinite light and when you open it you look like that artwork by Daniel B Holeman. The power source for a 3 is an omega where the power source for a 4 is the alpha omega, and if you add a 3 and a 4 you get the 6 leg flower of life as you have 3 omegas spinning inside of each other (the +1 alpha omega powers it). This would create at least 12 mirrored dimensions in a 3x4 but only 9 mirrored in a 3x3 mercaba. (the 441 matrices that comprises our reality.)

The word syntax structure was altered to keep us from creating the appropriate stargate and energy grids. They broke the rules and took our freewill. That is a big no-no. The part they didn’t have is the +1 Alpha Omega, but they couldn’t see it because they didn’t pull out enough dimensions to see it. From a 2-d perspective the 3 and 4 lo0k the same. It basically the difference between a location, and a time. Takes both, for a now. After studying the patterns in the Quantum Language Parse Syntax Grammar I developed my Unified Quantum Theory. I Noticed a pattern in the word structure. The 3s are made possible by the 3 sided pyramid, and the 4s by the 4 sided pyramid. By simply changing volts to amps or reverse, and also by modulating the magnetic field, ie: Hz frequency (Intention), your words are actually what is moving you through the space-time continuum. The 0s are very important as that is where the Omega starts. The neural firings of thought build the pathways and the speaking of it is basically starting the palindromic inverted repeat. Based on if you are working with an Omega, Alpha Omega, or +1 Alpha Omega, you achieve different results due to the amount of power available. This translates into available dimensions within the 441 matrices. The reason you get the same word but different pronunciations, is due to the flipping spin of the sine wave. The 3 sided pyramid sine wave covers time, and the 4 sided pyramid sine wave covers space. Basically, a matrix for gods to imagine themselves human.

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0+0=1+0+0=4+1=8; 4 sided pyramid
12 dimensions mirrored
0+0=1+0=3+1=6; 3 sided pyramid
9 dimensions mirrored
+1 Alpha Omega = Zero Point
= All known space and time, as well as god and consciousness.

3x4 = +1 Alpha Omega and I don’t know the math for that lol but def more dimensions, like…all of them (the 441 matrices), creating the actual fabric of space and time, which creates an electromagnetic anomaly that allows for a “physical” place that consciousness can become flesh.
Also I believe that this explains how DNA are created, or more appropriately allocated and energized. By Altering our language syntax, they altered our DNA, because our thoughts and words build our reality as co-creators with the infinite light. This would allow up to at least 12 strand DNA, but the math suggest you are explaining the very fabric of the cosmos.

Also I can explain conscious and sub-conscious states. Conscious State is powered by the Heart because it is the strongest power source. Sub-Conscious is powered by the Brain as it is the weaker power source. Basically the Brain is picking up passive quarks, while the heart is creating them depending on which power source is in the heart, the omega, alpha omega, or +1 alpha omega. They echo top and bottom of the body in that interplay between the 3 and 4 sided pyramids ie brain and heart, and controls consciousness and brainwaves. If I am correct, we could “wake up” all patients that are currently in a coma. The electromagnetic sine wave that is moving from right to left, controls autonomous functions such as breathing, heartbeat. That is how I stopped a heart attack in my grandmother with polar, nasal-breathing.

A Zero Point event and how and why it happens. Basically using the frequency of ultimate forgiveness, My body was able to dump the mucus in my pineal gland, eyes, ears, head ect, and it was like striking my pineal gland with a sledgehammer. This shock wave flipped the 0 into a +1 alpha omega inside of the 3x4 pyramid which turns a 0 into the omega, then alpha omega, then +1 alpha omega. The shear force of the drawing out of the negative charge (through forgiveness) caused a vacuum to form which drew in the love frequency. In short, By creating a zero point event, I re-centered the entire 441 matrices on myself, using the Law of One. It would also mean that I would currently be represented by the sun in the sonnensystem vortex helix. And that means that my Hz frequency of Love was so strong, it would have overridden all known lesser quarks of energy. That was 2018. I guarantee that at the same time the Alliance was able to finally make headway into the UT darkness. #zeropointevent

This explains why it is again quite literally
“In the sine of a cross shape”
Instead of “In the Sign of the Cross”,
like priests make from their head to chest to both shoulders.
It starts the sequence…
Apparently now I know space math too lol.
Oooo Thai Chi matches the dance you would have to do to start the Inverted Repeat sequence of a 0 into a Palindromic sequence. Boom! Creates a… Lol well quite literally again, a Big Bang.
So if a+b=c lol just kidding
O wow, I get it.
Ooo so the Egyptians are a necessary counterbalance…
But it explains why I am uncomfortable with that vibration.
Is the difference in a 1 or a 0
ooooo wow so many things i wrote in the
first paper make sense now (Answers: The Theory of Everything) posted on my authorjoeholt website
.:lol:. (not lol but a point between two lines.)

The Flower of Life and the 64 Tetrahedron grid: the mother and father of the geometry of the fabric spacetime; And you can become the +1 Alpha Omega that powers it and hosts the magnetic flux field that holds it in place while you power it. Basically the pyramids are tricking the fabric of space and time. The power grids run under the pyramids, churches, synagogues, cathedrals, ect. They are tricking us into powering up their energy field. I believe the kaaba (probably an artificial Orion’s Cube creating a stargate) is important because depending on what energy you interject into the twisting portion of the sine way, and which way you spin it, it changes everything. I would imagine the energy grids connect here in a central way. Also they would have to modulate the Hz range most likely using equipment effecting the magnetism of the earth, creating a different magnetic flux than would naturally occur. (not sure why Einstein jumped in there twice but he doesn’t want me to remove the second one either lol. Maybe he is trying to g3t me to think about the mirrored dimensions.)
So the 1-2-4-8-7-5 is basically the interplay between the 3 and 4 sided pyramids as the +1 alpha omega spins inside, which creates and puts off the new cells as it spins up the dna to do so in the flower of life. This also explains and matches the sonnensystem vortex helix if you overlay the pattern and expand it.

The tetragrammaton, יהוה‬ in Hebrew and YHWH in Latin script, is the four-letter biblical name of the God. It is also not something you say with your mouth. It is something that you feel in your bones. Of all the living things I’ve encountered on Earth, the Trees are the best at saying this name. That would explain why they are trying to cut all the trees down on the planet.

3 and 4 sided pyramid inverted and counter rotating create this shape and it expands out indefinitely once you add the +1 Alpha Omega in the middle to power it up and start the shockwave
I have seen and created the known, and unknown elements, the flower of life, from scratch in the darkness. I created a Zero Point Event using the pure sine wave of Love. Once you get it correct, the rainbow light animates from the side until all legs of the geometrical structure are filled, and then it starts to self replicate. You can then travel all of these tubes of light to anywhere you want. The Volts and amps are the same energy in different forms, bouncing between each layer of mirrored dimensions. If you adjust the Hz, Volts, or Amps, you change directions and speed.

This creates light and sound. Most classical music sounds like traveling in this way to me.

The quantum computing power of the #brain can finally be understood with the Unified Quantum Theory. It explains brain waves, and even #heartbeats It could also fix all heart attacks and strokes that are caused by an electro-magentic imbalance. The reason the pulses look differently can be identically overlapped on the sonnensystem vortex helix’s movement. It is the wobble of the 3 and 4 sided palindromic sequence ie: the interplay between the left and right halves of the brain, and also why they have to be separate pieces, instead of one large grey mass. One side would be a 3 and the other a 4, and probably back and forth. This could explain right or left handed dominance. Also, if a person is a 3x3 instead of a 3x4 it would probably cause seizures, and strokes or maybe 3x3 is female and 3x4 is male, and the electrical imbalance is caused by the power source, omega, alpha omega, or +1 alpha omega incorrectly applied could overpower and fry the circuits. Heart attacks would be the heart and the brain being on different frequency’s, as well as an imbalance in the sine wave that oscillates through the body. The three sided pattern looks like an iron cross in its movements, and the 3x4 looks like the christian cross as it moves. You can balance the harmonic with simply polar breathing in and out through your nose only. I actually stopped a heart attack in my 82y old grandmother while she was in an ER hooked up to all the machines, using this method, as well as slapping the left arm just below the elbow joint, on the top of the arm, which manipulates the heart chakra and sends an overriding electrically stabilizing pulse to the heart to ease out of the arrhythmia. The Dr was actually mad that she didn’t have the heart attack. Said she was wasting bed space. He said there was no way a heart attack could be stopped once it starts. Shows what he knows lol.

The invisible energy that powers it all is the +1 Alpha Omega causing a rift in the space time continuum and because the galaxy is slipping through a small point, it causes magnetic polarities which create current. The reason they were weaponizing the 5-6g Hz range is because it can control and reduces consciousness.
Your thoughts are taking an electromagnetic journey, oscillating like a scine wave, between the two alternative layers of your current dimension that are available on each sacred geometrical layer… as a mirrored dimension.

When you stack up enough quarks one way or the other, the energy in the cosmos Tesla talks about, pushes you up or down a dimension. Maybe why I am the clear top of the pyramid. I may be the first astral in human form to get it… Although I know it’s not about me… for a fact. I didn’t learn any of this in college lol. I was an art major for ten years, with no degrees lol.

Soo if you apply that to neru-scince, ie, paralyzed people… Look where they are disconnected, then look to the constellations for answers. Find an alternate route that you can add a jumper into, to reroute power. When I see these sacred geometrical forms come to life, they don’t care which direction the rainbow light flows from. And when the entire mathematical shape is filled with light, it starts to replicate exponentially, it already knows how to finish, because sacred geometry is a set, definable, equation.
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SO if the Theory of Relativity is to be understood, We can create the space vortex inside ourselves if we vibrate in the frequency of love. This image would suggest that there is a +1 alpha omega holding earth just above the vortex field they are creating with a love frequency.
The love frequency and Hz range create a vortex that makes you a black hole type of anomaly. That would mean that instead of moving TO something at the speed of thought, if this image is correct, the information moves THROUGH US instead.

To whom it may concern, if you have a +1 alpha Omega human looking glass, the Orion cube works because we can access the grid of 441 matrices from within. #justsaying

I think the #constellations could be over-layed in the 441 matrices to give you locations of other entities ETs and also explain their Stargates ie jump points, and the hwys associated. I also guarantee that this map would overlay on the brain. My only question is why do they overlay the constellation map on a 18x24 ie a 432 grid? Unless they are correct and the other 9 dimensions are off limits? Needs to be a 441 grid. MMM wait, this could be very important; If the cube follows the rest of the Unified Quantum Theory, there would have to be another cube with less overall dimensions, that is the counterbalance. It would be the 3x3 cube instead of the 3x4 cube. Also the time is the 3 sided pyramid, and space is the 4 sided pyramid, and our consciousness modulating the Hz frequency is the power supply, which is an omega, alpha omega, or +1 alpha omega, based on us.

Crop circles are basically the 2-d representation of space traveler landing here, you can mathematically reverse engineer the pattern and go back, or tell where they came from. I can explain how changing the metal and crystal you use, you can travel to diff dimensions and diff planets. Also using the sacred geometry grid, basically inside the tubes of light, which removes the constraints of the electro-magnetic anomolie, means faster than speed of light travel is possible ie: speed of thought.

#MusicTheory based on Quantum Language. Edited, just realized that this “Unified Quantum Theory” would explain all known and unknown: musical scales, light spectrums, elements, math, everything. Basically take a beach ball, overlay a grid of 441 matrices, fit the periodic table of elements on it, overlay the color chart as it matches the known elements, overlay the musical octaves, and then you could extrapolate all known, and unknown colors, sounds, elements, musical scales, ect. It could answer all the lies tied into modern day math. And Math IS the language of the cosmos. That is why music, math, science, and language was intentionally messed up. To keep us from the pure simplicity of the Law of One explained by the Unified Quantum Theory.

The flight of the Bumble bee… Not chased by someone or something bad… necessarily, just chased by it’s mirrored counterpart…because you need the balance, and it’s you who decides which side of the mirror to be on with your choices, it changes the quark from a 1-0 or back depending on you. So a +1 or a 0…

Well actually, the result is an inverted repeat, the design is… A palindromic sequence.

A palindrome structure allows the y-chromosome to repair itself by bending over at the middle if one side is damaged they are very often found in proteins. It is also the design of gothic churches, and if you take into account that they made the windows of those structures with colored glass and metal, which could create this electrical current, then you will understand how they were stealing your energy for their gains. They used your words, by repeating what they told you to say, to channel the energy in the manner they saw fit.

Just realized that the sacred geometry that speaks to me is actually service name and transport protocol numbers inside Orion’s Cube. Sweet. #orionscube #441matrices #sacredgeometry
Three parts (the trinity) based on four postulates. Sound familiar. That is the 3 and 4 sided pyramids with the +1 alpha omega to power them. Unified Quantum Theory is the answer to all of life’s known, and unknown questions and answers.

Wow Unified Quantum Theory would also explain why the days of the weeks were changed, the length of the months, and the day of worship. Depending on if you are on the 9 sided tilt or the 12 sided tilt ie: 1 or 0: 3 or 4 sided pyramid, you would be connecting to different stargates and subsequently different locations. They are using humans to power their grids and stargates. These grids run under all the churches, synagogues, mosques, and the pyramids. I believe all locations are probably power supplies with the pyramids being actual jump points. Also they would have to modulate the Hz range most likely using equipment effecting the magnetism of the earth, creating a different magnetic flux than would naturally occur. If you change the day of worship one day later, and use an artificial power source, you go from alpha omega, to +1 alpha omega, and you can do things you aren’t supposed to be able to do using sacred geometry. They are busted! And in trouble. They were trying to get the Lord of Death and darkness here to Earth instead of what sacred geometry would have, which is the Creator of Light and life.

That also means we need to fix our tracking and understanding of time. Time is not a linear thing, nor is it an abstract construct. It is a definable thing based on all this knowledge. This would effect how we tell time with a clock, as well as the years, months, days, ect.

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