Ununified People

Even tho things are unified and interconected we certainly have managed to sway away from it as a rece with division and resistance.

Its sad to see our world treated this way its needsless.

We are better and bigger. But instead we create subdivision where no real divisions exists through differences we assume supremacy but these are falce forces.

We can re-unify mankind and make a world where people can interact and coexist on a level of untold rewards instead we buy emotions with a currency that holds no true value where emotions come from.

We sell time although one has to blind themselfs to the true value of time to sell it.

Those who can face the strugle can affect changes through their strugles.

This design does no function or reflect the needs of the all but yet we are all subject to it. What causes this division in a unified world?

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Media => Television. Newspapers.
Manipulate consciousnesses. The environment is no longer natural space-time.
Man enslaves man. Profits, benefits … Nature is neglected. The “little ones” are excluded. Working with the elements is a work of the heart, not moneyable. There is only sharing in the interest of some …

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Ego; independent self-identity. We forgot that we are all one. It is as if each of our atoms has decided to have an identity crisis and stray from the collective which makes up our tissues, organs, and vital body parts. That’s what happened to us. We were once a cooperative of many different perspectives feeding into the same consciousness. Now we are individuals of many different perspectives feeding only ourselves. With the Ego’s rise came the collective’s fall.

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