Vacuum energy - practical use?

The idea of an energy that is present in the vacuum has been predicted by main-stream science and confirmed in experiments.
According to Quantum Field Theory, the energy levels that exist in every point in space are stupefyingly huge. which is weird because we don’t feel this energy at all.
we know about this immense energy that is present all around us, but we can’t access it or feel it because it exists on a very delicate scale.

I’m no scientist or expert, but here is my understanding of where this energy is coming from -

Everything in this world is moving all the time, nothing ever really stands still.
Galaxies, planets and sub-atomic particles are all spinning and moving through space.
All these movements are creating these “waves in the vacuum” in many different frequencies, and these waves travel through space and create changes in the electromagnetic field all around.
If one tries to measure the total electromagnetic energy at a given point in space one has to add all the energies of each individual frequency together, to get the total.
since there is an insanely big number of different frequencies, the amount of energy is also very very large.
(am I wrong? please correct me :pray: )

I’ve been playing around in my head about how one might be harvesting this energy if it were possible.
I am wondering if there is a practical way of separating frequencies from each other and adding them together. do you think that it would be possible, in theory, to extract a large number of frequencies and somehow “sum” them all together to a frequency that could be used as a practical power source?

I’m interested in understanding this better.
Do you know of any research, experiments or work that is being done relating this topic?
Is there anyone out there trying to reach this energy for practical use?
What do you think the process of extracting this energy would look like?

Thank you :relaxed:


Dear Ones,
I never took high school physics. But as a child I listened to my father and he talked of Einstein’s theory of relativity.
Then I became a factory worker and survival issues swallowed my life. Once in awhile I would think about physics. I asked someone what comes after Einstein, and they said Heisenberg.
So I read The Uncertainty Principle by Heisenberg.
I then read books by Alan Watts. I liked him a lot. I liked Taoism, a way of looking at things.
Ancient literature says the universe was made by God as sound and vibration as the first thing. Yogananda says that at a high frequency sound and thought are the same thing.
A few years ago I read a book by Viktor Schauberger. He said that the industrial revolution was killing the planet. He said that there was a different way to do things. He made machines that used spiralling water I think it was. He said the industrial rev used explosive harvesting of Mother Nature and one could use implosion. Explosive harvesting produces heat entropy and expansion and he, Schauberger could make a machine that produced implosion, cold and creation of new order instead of harvesting order Mother Nature already created.
Rudolf Steiner talked of farmers that would stir water to I guess magnetize it.
Braiding as one sees in DNA seems to have some sort of power. Feedback and recursive function seems to have some sort of power.
If one smashes atoms one creates only chaos. So how does one copy Nature to gently seduce the power inside the atom to come out peacefully? I do not know? But Schauberger said to copy Nature.
He made machines and others did too but the rich elites seem to murder anyone who tries to replicate things like this.
All I know is a love of Taoism. And Einstein is like Taoism. Energy in 3D goes down an entropic rabbit hole and seems to end up in the subatomic realm of frozen static geometric perfection. Then somehow it comes out of the rabbit hole using Nassim Haramein’s taurus geometry. In 3D the taurus becomes a photon in spiral form smashing the taurus to give the entropic spiral. The light-spiral loses frequency until energy has become not an E=MC2 thing but a marriage of yin/feminine and Yang/ masculine as one or E=MC2 as one. One seems to need a magnet that has one pole. I do not know much about electricity but I do know that a motor is a generator in reverse. This might have something to do with it.
When God made sound he made it dual, yin/feminine and yang/ masculine. Marry the two and you have father/ mother/child. Nature does this but we do not know how.
People talk of magnetism, spin, Nature’s way, and one Must add Yin and Yang twining like DNA probably. Other than that I do not have any answers.
I hope that helps a bit. And good luck. I have yet to read books by Callum Coates who translates Schauberger’s books into stuff easier to read.
If I had time to focus on how to make a free energy machine that is where I would go.

Theresa Paulfranz


If any of you are interested in recent developments in “tapping the zero point” and other emergent technologies then I recommend taking a look at videos that Aaron Murakami posts from Energy and Science Technology Confererences (ESTC). These maverick researchers and engineers are familiar with the work of the late John Bedini (probably historically the foremost researcher in the field), as well as John Searl (invention of the impressive SEG - I visited the lab in CA), John Lindemann, and Eric P. Dollard (who has developed a new electro magnetic theory). See . I have been studying and following developments by various groups since Dec. 2011, when I came across Marko Rodin’s efforts (Rodin Coil). Here is where I post links and comments . Break-through Energy conferences (more sporadic in regularity) also have very informative presentations ( ). If you do not have a strong technical background there is still a lot to learn. I am trying to synthesize as much as possible of all of this, and it is quite a trip! Just taking in Nassim and associates work right now which seems fairly inclusive, though there are many angles to a truly encompassing unified field theory to be sure, as well as establishing solid terminologies.


Isn´t the TorusTech Project working on such a technology that generates energy from the vacuum? I´m curious whether they are creating devices for the end consumer. Does anyone knows something about that?

I will repeat the question - Does anyone knows something about that?