Water may be the carrier of consciousness

In Bohr’s model of the universe, he made a clear unified connection between the quantum & the cosmological scales, by comparing the structure of the atomic model to the structure of solar systems. Today, this theory does still contain some useful accuracies, but the majority of its principles are considered inaccurate, based on our modern observations of the subatomic structures.

I think the failure of observation is key here. When looking down from the galactic scale, (which is our scale of perception in contrast to the quantum) subatomic time may appear to move at something like C squared. But isn’t it just our exponentially higher scale that causes such an illusion?

If you apply some of these expired principles of Bohr’s model to the structure of our solar system + our nearest neighbor, Alpha Centauri, we arrive at a molecular structure identical to one H2O molecule. This could be an explanation for the local emergence of life, that requires water to contain the fluid dynamics of consciousness as a beacon for our ontological attunement. But don’t limit yourself to our molecular-galactic arena. Imagine the Ne (Neon) solar system & the life it’d create – we may not even recognize it.


I like the concept of the molecular structure of water being a fractal of the dollar system and Alpha Centauri. I believe water is conscious and the first formation of Life. I heard Nassim say essentially that at the last Q and A in August. I am not understanding the science regarding the Bohr model of the atom and the scale application. Do you have a visual reference?


Thank you for that inspiration!
When “solarsystems” can represent atomic modells, than we should have more models out there. What’s their task? Different models close to each other.

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The miracle of water!
It is one of only two compounds to reveal, not obscure, the nature of a tincture (as in clear-headed? :smiley: )

Both our body and the surface of the earth are approximately 2/3 water.

It is the only matter to exist in all 4 states (phases) simultaneously in earth’s atmosphere.

It is singular (last time I checked) with it’s triple phase-change point of 0°C (the warmest, naturally occurring compound) and has 3 separate crystalline alignments in its ice phase.

It is (almost) singular in its quality to expand up to 10% as it gets colder.

It absorbs 590 Calories of heat energy to change from 0°C ice to 0°C water. Although it takes 100 Calories of heat energy to raise it from 0°C water to 100°C water, it takes yet another 80 Calories of heat to change from 100°C water to 100°C gas/vapor.

Water vapor is present in -40°C air.

Water is our most influential greenhouse gas, protecting us from a snowball Earth. Otherwise the average surface temperature would be 0°F or -18°C.

The partial pressure of water vapor in the atmosphere increases exponentially with temperature, which is why 83°F ocean water is the tipping point of hurricane development.

Water vapor processes in an earthian storm comprise as many orders of magnitude as the Earth to the Milky Way.

Which qualities of water trigger your awe? All that about how amazing water is for me yet still, as a scientific pantheist I believe consciousness is a fundamental emergent field in complex systems as are space-time, electromagnetism and gravity. At least in this universe.


Thanks for discussing Water. Water has been my religion for years. I am a commoner with limited knowledge & wisdom, and it is difficult for me to follow the science. But I do have a powerful intuition. For years I have contemplated an intensifying relationship between water and space. We are finally discovering many properties of water, vibrations, fields of fields and so many intricate relationships. I don’t know how to phrase this, but I have always believed that somehow deep space can be directly related to a feature of water. Space & Water? I apologize if this sounds ridiculous and too far out, but I had to share something I’ve felt for so long.


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I too am a novice when it comes to the science of water and such. However, this does not lessen my fascination of it. I believe water is a reflection if the universe. “As above, so below”. The very fact that it has so many phases is remarkable. It sets the tone to understand other elements and components of nature. How one thing can take different forms but remain the same substance. Absolutely incredible.

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There is a geometric analogy through the tetrahedral between space (64 tetrahedral structure of space-time), between quartz and water. Maybe this answers to your question or goes in the direction of your experience ?


Assuming that:

  • Reality is fractal “As above so below”
  • Water is the medium for life.
  • A deterministic world needs to create the non deterministic.
  • Choice needs to be created before it is. A dream needs to exist before it becomes.
  • A quantum computer takes a question to find an answer. Runs millions of simulations until it finds the best answer.
  • Sun might be dreaming of what solar system it might decide to be, earth would be dreaming of what it could be, water would be dreaming of what it could be, man would be dreaming of what it would be.

I agree with you.

Water is A carrier of life, but perhaps not the only chemical compound that can do so. Discovering life in the Milky Way may be waiting for us to discover other chemical compounds that support life. There is so much yet to be discovered, learned and understood here on Earth, we need to stop messing our own nest. However I am in agreement we need a self-sustaining colony on our moon if humans are to survive a meteoric apocalypse.

Water is one of the 5 things carrying a spirit in this world!

What do you mean ? Can you develop it ?