What is entropy?

My understanding of entropy has been the breakdown or loss of energy of structures in space over time. However, Nassim refers to entropy as information or a PSU. Did Nassim redefine the term, or is there a relationship between the breakdown of energy and information that I’m just not seeing?

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Information and energy does not break down.
This is an interesting idea which I think is covered in one of the modules…

In accordance with unified field theory, systems do not inherently move towards chaos and disorganization or lower energy states.

There is a movement of energy and information along the density gradient.

One area looks to become temporarily more disorganized while another gains in coherence.

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Thank you Renee, this makes sense. Looking at entropy as more of a density gradient is very helpful moving forward. Would entropy be synonymous with mass?

I don’t know… Could be… Im going to re-read module 3 and 4 and see if it can make more sense.