Where can I find instructions as to the structure of this forum?

In particular, I don’t know how to find a way to create/edit my profile, and I would like to know how to say hello in the Meet & Greet module. Thanks for your kind guidance. -Steve-


Hey @Steve :wave:
I’m just a visitor like you, but if you want to edit your profile go to the forum and click on the top right avatar (usually a colored circle with the first letter of your name):

then click on your name:

and then click “preferences”:

There you can edit your profile, upload profile image, etc.

To say hello in the Meet & Greet you just create a new post (like the one you made here) just in the “Meet & Greet” category:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Great help, Ido! Thanks very much. That gets me “off the dime”. -Steve-


Congratulations for the tutorial @Ido!
Unbelievable! :blush:


Hi @Steve,

You should see a message in the top right from @resonancebot.

If you click that message and follow the instruction in it, it will guide you through a brief tutorial on how to use the basic features of the forum.

Thank you @Ido for showing him how to edit his profile.



Helped me too, Steve
thank U🤍

You’re welcome, @marekm108!

Glad to be helpful.

Have you had any trouble getting info you seek via the bot?

All best wishes. -Steve-

I’m getting adjusted to the site and how to best use it, Thacker u for checking Steve…
What an amazing community this is and I am so appreciative and willing to be a productive part of it

in light and love
margie :blush:

Good show, Margie @marekm108! I am too busy on too many fronts to have kept up with this Forum, I confess. What is your specialty? And have you been able to see my thread on " RI Spectra of a Maui Gabbro"? I see it and one other are grayed out, so I wonder whether they are working.

I’m looking forward to trying to make some time to do better at discovering what other people’s particular interests are here.

All best wishes! :slight_smile: -Steve-

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Hi Steve, nice to meet you :blush:
my “specialty” is art… I make art out of anything. I am also a writer, a poet & a light-worker :sparkles::bulb::sparkles:

I LOVE physics because it’s what’s beneath EVERYTHING and now they/WE are finding out scientifically that a divine something exists, some call it G-d or consciousness or Source …
to me semantics is silly to argue over when we are looking at ALL OF EVERYTHING

this is a very cool journey I’m on and am learning to enJOY every step of the way

I’m highly communicative, pls don’t “feel bad” about not replying “in a timely manner”… the universe has a timing of its own that I am seeing more clearly and respecting its boundaries and I am being treated in kind

happy TOday, Steve

in light and love

Too briefly, while trying to come to the surface in a pile of emails: Are you on facebook, @marekm108. Have you subscribed there to Sacred Geometry and The Resonance Project? -Steve-

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Hi Steve-
No Facebook
Yes on Instagram @dogctorHiro

I didn’t know about the sacred geometry course- I am DEF going to look into it

Thalia u for the valuable tip off

have a great day

You’re welcome, @marekm108! :slight_smile: Enjoy. 4th module is this afternoon.

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Looking forward to it—‘you toi​:vulcan_salute:t3::white_heart:

Hey Steve…
How do I sign up or register for the sacred geometry resonance project ?
Is it through RSF?

I’ll google it now, couldn’t find it on their site-
Thank u

Just in case you did not find it yet, @marekm108: https://www.resonancescience.org/

Enjoy! :slight_smile: -Steve-

maybe I’m technologically impaired, Steve but I only see how to register for the course we are already taking (?)

That’s it! I thought you did not know about it, @marekm108. Sorry for my confusion. :-\ -Steve-

no worries

I’ve been doing the modules however today will be the first time I’m willing to show up for the webinar/-
I am an extremely sensitive empath and THAT many ppl on a connection together has been too overwhelming until now

The universe is sending me a message LOUD & CLEAR :))

“See you” soon, @marekm108! :slight_smile: -Steve-