Where does spacememory get stored?

I am wondering where the information get stored while I am moving through spacetime. Do the planks which create the protons i am made out of travel with me through spacetime? Is spacememory stored in the planks itself, but then how do they store the information? Does the information get erased if other objects move over the same spacetime/spacememory?


“In simple terms, when the universe expanded from a proton size to its current size the information-energy content of its evolution (spacememory) was encoded in the vacuum structure making up the material we see today as protons.”
-Module 4.3.1

The Plancks comprising the surface of the proton register all information (photons? charge?) it encounters locally outside itself, and record it holographically as interference patterns among the protons on the surface. (The Plancks between protons apparently transmit information but do not record it.)

Protons get heavier over time as they accumulate more information, likewise the cosmos but the density of the cosmos drops over time as it expands, if I understand correctly.

Maybe everything is now - past, now, future. So If You are “moving through spacetime”, You might not be moving at all. The change is only in configuration of the smallest particles around You, You as a bunch of the smallest particles as well. And the information - the same. Maybe configurational information are stored in the natural informational field, where are stored information about everything?

supposons que les mémoires s’entrecroise du coup les stockages sont ici et avant et après partout, comme des ressorts près à te sauter dessus. hahaha

Cause and effect is the evidence which is the information relating to your movement I believe by moving we have an effect which then, in turn, has a knock-on effect so if a molecule is to one day turn into hydrogen and bond with another hydrogen and oxygen it will then become a water molecule if-then consumed by a conscious being its evidence of historical effects can be read by that conscious being and if there are inspired to know more the universe somehow guides them to where more molecules exist relating to that storyline, in turn, being that persons inspiration or I don’t know why I did that but I ended up realising this and finding this out and so on. I don’t think our actions are stored on a DataBase as such but the evidence of our actions become information that in turn can lead to inspiration for others. :slight_smile: