Where is an ARK Crystal close to me

I often wonder, who and where it may be (besides my own). I’m sure it would lead to interesting conversation. I’m from SE TN, USA Chattanooga area.

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Maybe it’s possible to set up an ARK-Map, where everybody is able to put in their location?!


Yes, I imagined that too and what shape that structure would take.

I think this is a great idea. I have been studying cavity structure energy/effect now for a number of years. From a physics standpoint I strpngly suspect this energy and ARK energy are the same phenomenon, and all ARK owners could do simple experiments, not requiring any special equipment, to determine if this is the case. The pattern of growth rings from buried ARK
that Nassim showed before Xmas already supports this idea and I strongly suspect the rings who be found in the fibonacci ration from the crystal

Just visualized this and then read it here! It’s prob being done already and how fun it would be to have the website with active locations on it as we move about the planet??!

I saw a facebook group for ARK owner a few days earlier. Maybe there is already something like this Map

Lorsque j’ai reçu ma petite part d’Univers, j’ai tout de suite imaginé que chaque cristal était visible d’en Haut. Comme un petit faisceau lumineux partant de la Terre vers les étoiles… Et si la Terre pouvait briller de mille feux bleu incandescent, quelle métamorphose!!! Recenser les cristaux sur une map mondiale serait une excellente idée. Mon Moi cosmique brille depuis la Bretagne…

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My ARK Crystal and I

live in San Francisco.

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