Where is Heaven

What are the Dimensions of Heaven? Spirituality is defined in unified science in part as science we don’t have yet. Nassim solved for unifying relativistic and quantum by going to the one point they shared. The black whole of singularity of infinite energy information and the infinite information in quantum theory as well. Both theories that seemed so different shared this common mathematical solution. Singularity was common. In the fractal-holographic solution of the universe is defined with three qualities. All information at every point, everywhere present, and of infinite energy information. The three qualities of God are omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent. Therefor God and the Unified Model posses the same three qualities we use as definition. Here we have unified Religion and Science. But that’s not the question here, the question is regarding the individuation within or what are the dimensions of Heaven? Here we run into word problems, language problems. To enter the invisible world of consciousness the Mystic of today use the term Dimension. We got 5D, 6D, 8D and as may Ds as the spiritual model wishes to use to help explain vibration resonance with principals of higher consciousness.

What qualities do we know about Heaven? In summary It is indescribably beautiful with a pixel quality that makes colors amazing. Time distortion if present at all. It has been reported that there appears to be levels of light or consciousness (Why dimensions term is used) Ability to access vast amounts of information and knowledge (which is also accessible from 3D) Many more could be shared and you may wish to do so here.

The unified science model uses energy frequencies or octaves of vibration of fractals of iteration to explore the nature of the invisible. We have seen that the idea of 2D is an imaginary instrument of the human mind and mathematical constructs of multiple dimensions like string theory have dead ended or extended into unending dimensions while fun exercises for the mind were unable to unify. What is the nature of what is will have the final word lets all explore the nature of Heaven together and bring what we learn to earth.

As we explore together the words and science to better understand the nature of “Heaven” lets look for it together with a joyful heart and peaceful mind for in fact heaven is at hand.


Eben Alexander MD is well known for his amazing near death experience NDE and member of the Galileo Commission writes “The Galileo Commission report illuminates a refreshing path forward, all based in the modern science of consciousness, which offers hope for a more promising and fruitful future for all of humankind. Thanks to this report and the direction to which it points, scientific pursuits may once again lead the charge in achieving the grand aspects of human potential, through the wedding of human knowledge with the reality of human spirit.”


Let get together you heavenly beings of light what say you NEW BREAK OUT GROUP – Beyond New Thought!

For those arriving here with New Thought Backgrounds - Merging spiritual unity with the science of Unification and Unified Field. Join us for fascinating conversations. Many of us are drawn to the science of unification of the unified field because it resonates with the unity mind set of new thought teachings.

We thought it would be a great idea to host a breakout group focused on the merging the consciousness of the science emerging into the spiritual new-thought community (Unity, Science of Mind, ETC.) Allowing us to go beyond New-Thought to the New New-thought with the knowledge of the science of our oneness. Let us gather in the lovevolution as we experience a New Humanity.

Come join in to share this journey down the multiple mindsets as we reveal in the Mysteries of our consciousness together. It is the Greatest Fun when we share this wisdom and align our hearts in oneness. Rev. Aliza and Rev Jeffree conspired to launch this experiment for a zoom breakout group.

We launch Thursday, August 27, 2020 , 1 pm Central time (11 am PT – Noon MT – 2 pm ET and 7 pm UK)

Contact Aliza at (RevAlizaB@gmail.com) to be Invited to the zoom break out group.

Which works on the flip side too:

"through the ‘reality’ of human knowledge with the ‘wedding’ of human spirit.”


Wow Jeffree. You booted my booty into the next dimension. We’re spending hundreds of billions, scurrying here and there… Hello? Where’s the other life???

And we see it’s right here, in our dreams, our inspiration, our designs – talking to us in a language we understand. The common language of cosmometry. “Get ready” it tells us. “And welcome to the local universe!”

Thank you!

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CIA report link

lovevolution is the solution

William Brown william@resonancescience.org

To:Jeffrey Colebrook,Jamie Janover

Tue, Jan 26 at 5:16 PM

Fantastic, thank you for sharing Jeffree!

It is very interesting, the letter to the Army general regarding the “Analysis and Assessment of Gateway Process” is perhaps one of the earliest treatments of quantum consciousness that I have read thus far. Quantum mechanisms involved in consciousness is a highly controversial topic to this day, and here they were utilizing it to explain the mechanisms of their process.

In Resonance~

William Brown

Psychedeloc Preacher of lovevolution

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This part of your post was touching. There is much confusion in the Spiritual community about the truth of these words. Omniscient; God is Light. Omnipotent; God is Power. Omnipresent; God is in ALL things. If this doesn’t scream physics, I don’t know what does.

Word Problems come up when the ideas are so complex that there are no words to describe them. I find language to be limiting, to say the least. Vibration resonance on the higher planes is what keeps it separate from ours. Hidden spaces. Dimensional separations are only due to variance in Vibration. It is Natural Law. Correspondence keeps all planes in sync, but polarity keeps them separate via Vibration on the rhythmic cycle of gender in a loop of cause and effect. In this Mental Universe, the only power behind the movement of anything is the mind. Not more than one. One broken into many pieces. A singularity comprising all things.

Heaven is not a place. It is not a thing. It is a Resonance. It is a mental achievement. So said the Masters.

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Le Magicien d’Oz

Dan Winter believes he has the physics of Ascension to Heaven. What do you think?

Do you understand and do you think it is in alignment with the successful unification here?
OMLOVE & BLESSINGS Jeffree lovevolution is the solution

All I’m saying is that as of 10/18/2019 I was there.

And today with a little more experience I’m coming to this …

I think that as long as we need tools, languages, (and we live in concrete) unification will not be total. Because the only “common tool” is our body, and its language that of life, “whole, an existence in color”.

And now, to continue this exercise, I am going to take the first drawing again to put the shapes in it ( 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9)… The fact of drawing it, putting my will in it and making it take shape, allows me to develop my faculties of perception. These are the connections that are refined, it happens as much in the form as in the consciousness … The work of one develops that of the other.
PS: And that’s why I’m against all these videos that we watch without any particular intention… They will never interest me as much as “the garden of creation” …
And after?

Good luck for the exam!!! :wink:

Bless you.


Check out this video wonderful

Lovevolution is the solution your Involution leads to our lovevolution

:slight_smile: I can’t see videos, so i draw.

This is where genius meets insanity