Who's interested in starting a new political party in the US

What if there was a party that encompassed this knowledge, psychology, logic, rational altruism, and compassion? Would you be interested in it or have any ideas about it?

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This party which encompasses this knowledge, this psychology, this logic, this rational altruism and this compassion, is real life … And everyone is part of it. Belonging to any movement separates us from everything. The interaction is multidimensional, humans are a component of life just like minerals, plants and animals. There is much to do in this direction. Cultivating the Earth and the Sky in oneself is for what I am aware the part that each one, each ONE is able to carry out, by itself. You don’t have to be dependent on a movement to get it done.

I take this opportunity to ask you the following question: Do you have an opinion about this diagram?

I must say that you are talking far too idealistically. A political party would be very real thing with very real people who embody the change they want to see in the world. An organized group that has the will to shape this world would be far more effective in terms of shaping society because they are all unified under one big picture that they hold within themselves but also strive to influence the other members of this world by presenting a unified big picture. Throwing intentions into the world do very little in terms of influencing others. If there was a group dedicated to the big picture of this unified party then they could more effectively shape the world and show others a better way of living.

Ah, a dictatorship in short :slight_smile:
What are you doing with free will?
What is necessary is that we accept our differences and that despite them, each one realizes that we all live under the same roof … In inter-relation with the whole.

I also think that the relationships that we have with our fellow human beings cut us off from the real interaction that each one has with his ecosystem. The goal is to act in accordance with the elements, rather than wanting to dominate all life in order to benefit from it …

Politics is the way of managing a collective imagination, from a civilized point of view. But for sylvilised, what matters most is freedom. Go make a vote for a Papuan, an indigenous people???..

There’s a book coming out that I know of that outlines a really good political structure that works more in tandem with nature and even mentions the resonance science foundation. We live in societies with rules so we might as well live in a better society with better rules. This is the premise of the book. I’ll post it on here when it’s published. If we didn’t have structure then we would have jungle law. Society has to be structured and we have more freedoms when it gives heed to rational altruism

In my opinion, the states should be their own countries, and each should decide how to run its own nation independently. Each nation would then adopt or create its own governmental system. I would, of course, suggest that the government age limit for employees be 40, because older citizens would try to recreate a system that has already failed. New ideas need to flourish and new systems of barter and trade be established. The only universal law I could see working is mutual equality, which would require the elimination of the older generations which have instilled racial, gender, or caste system hate into the new generations. Because this would never fly, I see no point in trying, but the dream is a beautiful one.

RSF and over-unity devices are mentioned in a political booklet on Amazon Kindle!

“The Modern Meritocracy Movement” by Kogko A. Unlu.

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