Why not Dodécaèdre crystal?

Hello All, greetings from France.
At first sight of the Ark Crystal, I thougt of a dodecahedron crystal which would have symbolise and thus, connect directly to Ether, pretty exciting thought.
Then I found out you use a kind of tetrahedral one.
Don’t you think it might be revelent to use the dodecahedron shape with your technology to produce another tool?

I love your Academy!
Best Regards

The 64 tetrahedron relates to the perfectly balanced gravitational vertex attraction of the fantastically large energy density of the Planck Spherical Units.

But if the dodecahedron is near and dear to quantum/cosmic meaning for you, it neatly fits into the 64 vertice tetrahedron by means of cosmometry origamic folding. There’s room enough for everyone in the unified cosmos.