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Hi Everyone,

Maybe you can help me get a better handle on Unified Physics, Although the spirituality side of things resonates easily with me, I still have very little understanding of the physics, unified or otherwise. So, I have a question for you, as I need to better understand Nassim’s presentations, or monthly Q & A sessions. Also, I am struggling a bit with the science modules in the Unified Physics course.

I just need some terms defined, not as they might appear in a dictionary, but what they mean according to Unified Physics. So … Bearing in mind that this is for someone with no scientific knowledge, how do you think Nassim would define the following words / phrases? ( to a complete idiot.)

vector equilibrium
event horizon
space time
space memory
Planck oscillators
black hole

Thanks for your time and patience.

This is a fun question. Its just jargon, the basic ideas are pretty simple. You probably already know the answers. The details fill books…

Albert E. said explanations should be as simple as possible, but no simpler. Hope I didn’t do too simple.

spin – rotation
vacuum – where there is no matter (but there is something)
vector equilibrium – a stable configuration
event horizon – a one way surface
space time – where and when everything is located
space memory – where and when everything was, is (and will be?) located
Planck oscillators – an unimaginably tiny rotating thing
black hole – the other side of a spherical one way surface.
coherence – the emergent property of presence and resonance
entropy – an amount of information
consciousness – awareness of self, other

Hopefully others will add their ‘spin’.


Sorry Bob, I’m no further forward.

OK, perhaps I misunderstood your question. Enjoy your journey.

Hey Chrissie–
I thought Bob’s quick n’ dirty definitions were excellent! Thanks, Bob…
One of the main reasons I began the course was to begin to learn these terms. I am a trained metaphysician but I had to learn all of these words too. My strategy is to participate in as many online events as possible and get used to hearing these words used over and over so they’ll become familiar to me. It’s working! Becoming a contributing member helps a lot here, too, because you will be able to attend Nassim’s Live events and the Faculty Live Events…or have access to the recordings. I’m still stretching when I listen to Nassim or William or Ines, but it’s getting easier all the time. Practice, practice, practice.
It’s worth it!

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Module 4 is a tough slog for everyone it seems.
I am working on a study guide that will map it out. Sort of a Cliff’s Notes thing.
It will be at least another month. Still mastering the material.
FYI It continues to bear up under scrutiny.

You have provided a really fine topic list useful in this project. Thank you.

It has helped me to watch and listen to the short, or long, videos of Nassim on YouTube. By watching over and over, and with the models and added visuals, eventually it gets easier to understand. Also there is a YouTube video of Jamie Janover giving his overview or summary of what Nassim is pulling together.

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Yes, Jamie was helpful for me. So … I’m looking for all the Jamies amongst you. Where are you? Spell it out for me. At least until I get started. Then I’ll take it from there. Just a wee nudge will do. Thanks in advance.

Not specifically in answer to your question, but perhaps a good overview:

The “Standard Model” of physics currently embraced by science argues that space is mostly empty, and everything we see (“matter”) is here due to the EXTREMELY unlikely chance of particles in empty space randomly bumping into each other to create planets with conditions that support the spontaneous creation of not only mono-cellular life, but complicated things like us (We won the Universal Lotto!). This alternate model begins instead with what spirituality tells us: that everything is one and connected, and that, like Russian dolls, little things are nested inside bigger things; and that every point and scale (little to large) is always communicating with every other point and scale (“entanglement” and “the holographic principle”). The smallest things we all agree we can measure are “Plancks” – little spinning balls of light energy, vibrating into and out of coherence. This model describes that at very, very small scales (the Planck scale), space isn’t empty, it’s completely full of these highly energetic Plancks, all interconnected with each other everywhere at once; and everything we see (all “matter”) is made of these little balls of energy, aggregating in vortexes and moving together in different relationships with each other (and those relationships can be described as mathematics, or geometry, or music). These little Plancks, which fill space, are highly energetic, and therefore space is highly energetic. The secret of working WITH nature (as opposed to, say, burning dead dinosaurs for fuel) is learning to tap into the Planck field (also called the plenum, or ether) and use the energy that’s already always there. There’s a lot more to it, but that’s at least a part of the nutshell. Make any sense?


Thank you - yes indeed, it makes sense. This is exactly what I am looking for. I now have a much better understanding of Plancks, especially as you have related it to spirituality. ( I always wondered about the plenum / plenoma - assumed it was a word for “God”) I also like how your definition ties in with my belief that the Universe must always be harmonious or balanced. I think I can move on a bit now, maybe even tackle a science module or two. I’ll see how it goes. :heart:

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Hi, I’m new here and come from a non-scientific background also. Can someone help me understand the way the term *information” is used in the context of unified physics?
Thanks so much to everyone who is taking part in this!

great effort Bob, thanks, I had similar questions to itwinsaeme. There was something about an exchange of information to an open perpetual loop, where we receive information from universe and we give feedback information to universe.

Was that not event horizon and entropy together??? Sorry, I’m new to physics…

My understanding is this: every oscillation of every planck spherical unit (into and out of coherence; when it’s not in coherence, it’s part of the undifferentiated substrate of the ether… the undifferentiated “oneness” of the universes) is one “bit” of information. “Information” means it is a “memory unit” of a position in space and a direction/force of movement relative to the other planck spherical units around it. (And I could be completely wrong about this, but that’s my understanding of Nassim.)

Thank you that helps!

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Within spirituality, I think this is what translates as “you always get what you need” that is, in terms of your spiritual evolution, the “universe” will reflect back to you where you are on the inside. If you are paying attention, then you will find this reflection to be useful, and eventually be able to move on. This “getting what you need” can come in many forms - it can come up in meditation, it can be something someone says to you, there can be a lightbulb moment, it can come in a dream.

If you are not paying attention, it can just pass you by - until you are ready. Until then you wonder why life is treating you so hard (or indeed, why it is so wonderful) but really, you are only getting what you need. Eventually, you move on, you become more conscious. It’s what happens when you are entangled with every particle in the universe.

As you become more conscious, you are then able to perceive more and more of the universal vibrations. That is, you evolve.

Does all that make sense? Am I starting to grasp the answers in terms of unified physics? We give information to the universe, we receive feedback from the universe. And vice cersa. (the torus). The main difference is that, in science it is called the universe, in spirituality, it is called god, or the creative force, or cosmic consciousness or whatever your preferred term is.

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Thanks for reply @itwisnaeme My mind is wired differently and my consciousness simplifies complex things into its simplest form when it comes to everything in my life, this makes everything easy to digest and assimilate. people around me don’t like it as they like complexities; and that’s ok. This is also an important function and we must never judge so not to upset the balance and miss seeing reality. Imagine how difficult it would be to eat an apple and assimilate it if you were to explore and construct physics, math’s equations etc before you eat an apple. Therefore the intelligent forces/consciousness tends to simplify life and makes it easy. In my experience this is like surrender to God or the Universe (we can call reality whatever we want but reality always remains the same, we just have our own way of understanding and assimilating/integrating) So when I study anything and everything I surrender it to God/Universe/consciousness etc and IT does all the work and presents me with many different versions and probabilities to help me to understand reality. Sometimes trough dreams and visions, imagination and life events. That is because to IT i am blind and deaf and its like trying to teach me the Braille alphabet trough feeling the bumps on the surface, a bit like the story of Helen Keller. So when I comment on posts like this my mind translates it to other probabilities and I see the need to address other thought forms unseen or not expressed but attached and linked to it nevertheless trough entanglement. .Therefore many times people wonder if my comment is somehow unrelated and uncoherent. I see that in your comment above. You aware of my other thought forms entangled to what I said and I see you responding to the unseen and unheard thought forms.

“Within spirituality, I think this is what translates as “you always get what you need” that is, in terms of your spiritual evolution, the “universe” will reflect back to you where you are on the inside”

I feel I can never give a “correct” Concise answer because of how I am wired, my function is more of un observer of the world, I am like a telescope, all that I see I give back to the seer in me whom is in the universe and IT then doe what IT does. Yes what you say makes perfect sense to me in my own way… I appreciate your input. Nice to meet you. “hologram” lol…

yes, you’re right - you knew in advance that I wouldn’t understand your reply. Thanks anyway.

On the contrary. I am saying that your answer shows that you have insight in my thought processes. You understood me deeply and I was trying to express that with what I said. Sorry if I talk funny.

I was also answering the other comments at the same time. Mixng things up.

Ill try be more clear and concise in the future. :smile: @itwisnaeme

Same here, ann-p-whit. Nassim is an excellent teacher, actually. YouTube videos of his presentations, with his explanations, connected and in context to make good sense, are one of the best wasy to learn that makes the most sense, and motivates to continue learning.

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Yes, I also find Nassim’s presentations to be so useful - it’s how I came to the RSF in the first place, through seeing (accidentally) one of his talks, and it really resonating with me. I especially like when people interview him - his answers to their questions are just so mind-blowing, and truly add to my understanding. And Jamie’s video, which put everything in a nutshell - just great. As I go deeper though, I still need extra help with all the science stuff. But I keep going, and learn bits and pieces along the way - and enjoy it - thanks to all you lot who post on this forum. Thank You. Thanks Nassim. Thanks to all the RSF team. I can still hardly believe that I’ve actually developed in interest in the science side of life - it was hidden from me until now. Still have so much to learn though. Keep it coming. It’s so amazing when things that were once ihidden, become visible.